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Gain an operational advantage through AI-supported decision-making

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Advanced data-driven decision support


Make better decisions

Based on data from multiple sources, commanders have a better foundation for making critical decisions.

Quickly identify and react to threats

SitaWare Insight reduces the time-consuming process of humans analysing and disseminating data.

Enhance human abilities

The solution is all about enhancing - not entirely replacing - uniquely human abilities.

Video: SitaWare Insight

SitaWare Insight is a decision-support tool that transforms data collection and management, providing commanders with advanced data capture and analysis capabilities. Watch the video below to hear Henrik Sommer, SitaWare Insight product manager and domain expert, explain the possibilities with SitaWare Insight.

Key benefits

SitaWare Insight is the decision support tool that transforms data collection and management and provides commanders with advanced data capture and analysis capabilities.

The solution builds upon the successful SitaWare Headquarters C4I system and enhances the user's intelligence requirements management (IRM) and collection management (CM) capabilities, making it easy to store and retrieve information from multiple sources.

SitaWare Insight exploits the ‘data lakes’ that militaries control, formed from sensor information, images, videos, documents and more. With this the solution provides a secure, cloud-based information repository and an AI-powered search function, that allows users to pinpoint data on everything from enemy positions, images, documents to equipment.

AI-supported decision making

Integrating data sources, staff across intelligence, planning and current ops gain overview of the battlefield.

Managing the full intelligence cycle

SitaWare Insight provides complete management of the IRM & CM process.

A future-proof setup

The cloud-native architecture of SitaWare Insight ensures a scalable, future-proof and secure solution.

Cross-coalition information sharing

SitaWare Insight complies with NATO FMN requirements, delivering cross-coalition communication.

Protecting sensitive information

Defining specific user groups, staff can manage data access and control external dissemination.
US Marshal signaling F35 on ground

A fully integrated solution

Staff operating across intelligence, planning and current ops roles gain an advanced overview of the battlefield.

Building upon the SitaWare Headquarters C4I system, SitaWare Insight provides commanders with a Recognised Intelligence Picture, timely intelligence support, and data insights to support planning and ongoing operations as well as intelligence preparation of the battlefield.

The solution enables complete integration of relevant military and non-military data sources, providing staff operating across intelligence, planning and current ops with an advanced and holistic overview of the battlefield.