Staff in headquarters working in sitaware

SitaWare suite

Dominate the battlespace with comprehensive situational awareness on all levels of command

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C4ISR across all domains

The SitaWare suite offers C4ISR solutions for battle management across the entire battlespace – on land, at sea, in the air, or in the joint domain. As a combat proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, the suite provides advanced command-and-control capabilities and seamless interoperability, enabling you to share information with coalition partners.

Each part of the SitaWare suite is specially developed to support specific roles. From fixed and deployable headquarters operations to mounted missions and dismounted troops – the SitaWare suite encompasses the entire battlespace. And with its open architecture and rapidly scalable configuration, it can easily meet the everchanging needs of modern defence forces.

Operating across all domains and levels of command, the SitaWare suite allows for an accessible, sharable, and secure common operating picture, as well as intelligence collation and distribution supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Video: SitaWare suite explained

Imagine a C4ISR system that not only allows you to plan missions and run current operations, but also promotes intelligent decision-making across all domains supported by AI.  That is the SitaWare Suite. Click on the animation below to explore how the SitaWare suite enables users to plan, manage, and share orders across coalitions from joint level to the tactical edge.

SitaWare suite explainer video animation

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Communication across the battlespace

Landscape with land, maritime, and air units using the SitaWare suite

Modern defence forces need to be prepared for missions where connectivity and communication is a challenge. In many cases, mission success will depend greatly on the ability of systems to operate with flexibility, over limited bandwidth, and with only minimal latency. And given the importance of coalition collaborations in modern warfare, interoperability with partner forces is also a must.

With the SitaWare suite, you can communicate across the battlespace without disruptions. The operationally proven suite is ensures that you are connected with all levels of command and domains – at all times.

The flexible nature of the SitaWare suite allows you adjust and scale as your needs develop. The modern operating environment changes rapidly – and you must be able to do so too.

SitaWare Fire Support module

The operationally proven fires support module to deliver rapid, intelligence-driven kinetic effects for SitaWare suite users.