SitaWare Battlefield Health

The military healthcare solution for personnel and their dependents

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Combining top EMR solutions with world-leading C4ISR


Data-driven military healthcare

Optimizing response time and care by combining EMR and C4ISR data.


Healthcare and defence integration

A unique fusion of top-tier defence and healthcare solutions.


Ensured NATO compliance

SitaWare Battlefield Health employs NATO standards for interoperability with NATO partners.

Video: SitaWare Battlefield Health

video of soilders using SitaWare Battlefield Health

The complexity of military healthcare is rising. With a growing number of soldiers, increased readiness demands, medical staff shortages, and limited integration between sectors and partner nations, there is a crucial need for a unified, data-driven healthcare solution to support military personnel.

SitaWare Battlefield Health meets the need for a cohesive, integrated, and specialised military healthcare system, enhancing patient care, optimising resource allocation, and supporting decision-making in military operations.

Key Benefits

From recruit to veteran

SitaWare Battlefield Health collects and disseminates qualitative information about the soldier.

Doctor going over test results with soldier

State of health overview

Staff gets better overview of the state of health for the single soldier and level of preparedness across.

Stethoscope on US soldier uniform

Force Health Protection

Monitoring general conditions, the system helps reduce the threat of infectious disease.

German armoured medical carrier on dusty road

Efficient support for medical evacuation

Injured soldiers experience a continuum of care from point of incident to repatriation. 

Improved decision-support

SitaWare Battlefield Health provides decision-support throughout the injured soldier's continuum of care .


Scalable NATO compliant solution

Utilising NATO standards, the solution promotes easy collaboration with NATO partners during secondments.

One multi-national setup for critical decision support

SitaWare Battlefield Health is the turn-key military healthcare system that merges healthcare IT, C4ISR solutions, and military staff. It operates as one multi-national setup supporting patient tracking and patient flow management from the point of incident to repatriation.

Combining Systematic's existing and well-proven EMR and C4ISR solutions, SitaWare Battlefield Health utilises extensive domain knowledge and long-term experience to deliver critical decision support for the healthcare and defence sectors.