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SitaWare Edge

Comprehensive situational awareness and command-and-control for the dismounted commander

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Unmatched tactical communication


Support infantry units

SitaWare Edge is designed to match the C2 challenges of the dismounted commander.


Optimise decision-making

As an integrated solution, SitaWare Edge shortens the command cycle with an efficient OODA loop.


Achieve mission success

Efficient communication at the tactical level is imperative for successful mission accomplishment.

Video: SitaWare Edge

Operating a command-and-control system as a dismounted unit brings a number of challenges to the table. Integration, communication, and connectivity are all at the top of the list, and ticking them off is a tricky task.

Click on the video below to hear our domain expert and former IT and Signals Intelligence Officer in the German Armed Forces, Christoph Pauls, explain how SitaWare Edge can turn the obstacles into opportunities, bringing a true operational advantage to the dismounted commander.

SitaWare Edge video with Christoph Pauls

Key benefits

SitaWare Edge delivers comprehensive situational awareness and command-and-control (C2) for commanders operating at the tip of the spear. With an advanced mapping system that supports multiple map types in both 2D and 3D, commanders gain a clear understanding of their area of operations.

Planning and geo tools, advanced force tracking, and integrated chat functionality provide an operational advantage. Combined with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, commanders can then focus on conducting the mission rather than managing the system. And as SitaWare Edge employs Systematic’s SitaWare Tactical Communication (STC) protocol, it is able to transmit large volumes of data over limited bandwidth and in challenging conditions.

SitaWare Edge is part of the SitaWare suite, enabling it to operate seamlessly with the other SitaWare solutions – SitaWare Headquarters, SitaWare Frontline, and SitaWare Insight – as well the military messaging solutions in the IRIS suite. By enabling up-and-down communications, this provides top-to-bottom C4ISR and situational awareness across the battlespace.

A dismounted force multiplier

Comprehensive situational awareness and command and control to the dismounted commander.

Command-and-control in all conditions

Receive and share vital battlefield information in denied or degraded environments with STC.

Shorten the OODA loop

Advanced operational planning and mapping capabilities helps you shorten the command cycle.

Benefit from a fully integrated software suite

A streamlined look-and-feel across all levels of the battlespace enhances usability and reduces training needs.

Increase situational awareness with real-time video

Combine map information with live intelligence updates and video data from drones or cameras.

Communication with existing radios

Share situational awareness and messages across the battlespace using the equipment you already have.

Key features

  • Friendly force tracking (FFT)
  • Shared situational awareness
  • Tactical communications
  • High-performance map
  • Identical situational picture across all echelons
  • Video

SitaWare Edge integrates seamlessly with SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Frontline, giving top-to-bottom C4ISR and situational awareness across the battlespace.

With a common look-and-feel and aligned symbology across all members of the SitaWare suite, users are assured that the same operating picture is seen at all echelons. This commonality also enables users to easily transition between the different systems, reducing training time and costs, and helping address skills fade. Furthermore, the SitaWare suite is compliant with the latest standards, making it fully interoperable with other systems, coalition partners, and NATO member countries.

With its open architecture and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), SitaWare Edge allows easy integration of a wide variety of data types from different sources, supporting deployed troops in accessing their data needs.

In the section below, you find an overview of some of the most important features in SitaWare Edge. We are more than happy to answer any questions you should have, give a live demo, and discuss how SitaWare Edge can benefit you and your organisation.

Friendly force tracking (FFT)


Shared situational awareness

  • Maintain a detailed overview of the battlefield
  • Explore an automatically updated picture of your own forces, points of interest, and enemy reports, including type, size, and location

Tactical communications

  • Transfer data with high efficiency
  • Share vital battlefield information effortlessly at the tactical edge
  • Experience compatibility with the radios you already have (IP and non-IP) as well as satcom, 3G/LTE, and more

High-performance map

  • Experience a high performance 2D and 3D map engine with support for military grids
  • Support a wide range of common map formats
  • Feature geographical overlays for better mission execution
  • Use terrain analysis tools for determining e.g. area of sight, line of sight, and highest point

Identical situational picture across all echelons



  • Live stream videos from UAVs and other cameras
  • Share UAV position as friendly force tracking (FFT)
  • Capture video snapshots and share them with other units using the chat function

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SitaWare Edge is the advanced dismounted battle management system that delivers extensive situational awareness and command-and-control for the dismounted infantry units operating at the cutting edge.

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