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SitaWare Maritime

Enhanced situational awareness and C4ISR for the naval commander

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years of experience in the maritime domain

Operationally proven and future-proof maritime C4ISR


Board a maritime force multiplier

With its maritime-specific tools and decision-aids, SitaWare Maritime acts as a true force multiplier.


Ensure unmatched interoperability

SitaWare Maritime strengthens collaborations and coalitions with its unmatched interoperability.


Stay ahead of developments

With cutting-edge technologies, SitaWare Maritime is ahead of maritime developments.

Video: SitaWare Maritime explained

Whether at peace or conflict, the maritime domain is vital for security and prosperity. Click on the animation to learn more about how SitaWare Maritime provides naval commanders with effective command and control across domains

SitaWare Maritime explainer video animation

Key benefits

SitaWare Maritime delivers advanced C4ISR capabilities and presents commanders with a detailed Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP). The software exceeds much of the functionality of in-service systems, as well as those of systems that are under development and yet to enter service.

The solution can be used throughout the maritime domain – at maritime operations centres ashore, with task group commanders at sea, and on individual ships. It ensures interoperability with partners and enables cohesive C4ISR across task forces and domains.

SitaWare Maritime draws on the latest technology developments, including in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, and as part of the SitaWare suite it builds on the operational success of SitaWare Headquarters in the land domain.

Stay ahead with a future proof C4ISR solution

An operationally proven and future-proof C4ISR solution that exceeds many in-services systems.

Enhance situational awareness

An accurate, real-time overview of the battlespace provides commanders with critical decision-support.

Improve planning across air, surface, and sub-surface

Comprehensive and collaborative planning allows commanders to develop and share plans and files.

Trust an operationally proven solution

Drawing on 25+ years’ C4ISR success, SitaWare Maritime is a truly operationally proven solution.

Bring a maritime toolbox onboard

The many maritime-specific capabilities make SitaWare Maritime a force multiplier for commanders.

Operate seamlessly with partners and allies

Out-of-the-box integrations enable coordination with both military and civilian parties across domains.

Key features

  • Water Space Management (WSM)
  • Prevention of Mutual Interference (PMI)
  • Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP)
  • SitaWare Fusion: track correlation
  • Anomaly detection
  • Messaging
  • Planning and tasking
  • Interoperability

As a modern maritime C4ISR system, SitaWare Maritime provides naval commanders with comprehensive command-and-control capabilities, seamless interoperability, and unique operational planning features.

Below, you find an overview of some of the most important features in SitaWare Maritime. These are only highlights, and we are more than happy to answer questions, give a live demo, and discuss how you could benefit from SitaWare Maritime.

Water Space Management (WSM)

Water Space Management (WSM) facilitates the coordination of sub-surface warfare aimed at locating and engaging enemy submarines and other sub-surface vehicles.

It also ensures a synchronised deployment of weapons among own submarines, surface ships, and aircraft. WSM operates within various designated areas with specific purposes, including:

  • Specific WSM areas designated for either exclusive submarine use or a combination of forces.
  • Submarine patrol areas.
  • No-attack areas: Weapons Space Management.

Prevention of Mutual Interference (PMI)

PMI serves to guarantee the secure deployment of friendly submarines. It analyses and detects potential interferences between the planned operations of friendly submarines and other elements, including:

  • Other friendly submarines.
  • Restricted submarine-use areas.
  • Surface units towing underwater sensors (VDS/ACTAS).
  • Submarine Exercise Areas.

Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP)

  • Gain a comprehensive situational awareness of surface, subsurface, and air pictures
  • Configure the RMP to match your exact needs – from monitoring territorial waters and economic exclusion zones at a national level, to a focused area of operations of a task group
  • Monitor multiple areas simultaneously
  • Include both the classified military picture and the unclassified civilian white picture

SitaWare Fusion: track correlation

  • Gain a coherent overview of tracks from a wide variety of sources
  • Correlate and fuse tracks in near-real time, locally or at a central processing centre
  • Include data from multiple sources, such as AIS, OTH-Gold, radar systems, remote sensors, vessel traffic systems, and other C4ISR systems
  • Benefit from a mature and proven correlation engine that handles the bulk of the track information automatically
  • Enhanced features allow for fusion conflict detection and handling as well as manual track correlation and fusion

Anomaly detection

  • Detect possible threats and illegal activity at an early stage
  • Define detection rules that automatically identify suspicious behaviour
  • Be notified of vessels of interest, tracks entering/leaving defined areas, or deviations of specific conditions chosen by you
  • Receive automatic notifications of anomalies 


  • Maintain the operational tempo using chat and military messages between national units and partners.
  • Exchange military e-mails, STANAG 4406 and ACP-127 messages through a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook
  • Enjoy full support for APP-11, USMTF, and OTH-Gold formatted message templates using the built-in IRIS Forms
  • Take advantage of instant messaging in distributed chat rooms in a XMPP and JCHAT compliant clients, compatible with both high- and low-bandwidth networks

Planning and tasking

  • Visualise, communicate, and distribute details of an operation
  • Ensure effective tasking of all units and across all platforms
  • Use a the extensive planning toolbox, including a collaborative text editor, overlay sketching functions, and a synchronisation matrix
  • Manage formatted messages such as OPGEN and OPTASKs in NATO APP-11 or USMTF formats using IRIS Forms
  • Share plans and tasking easily via military messaging, email, or chat


SitaWare Maritime interoperability standards
  • Coordinate operations with air and land commands, coalition partners, coast guard, and other civilian and government agencies
  • Exchange tracks, plans/orders, and messaging in a wide range of formats, within as well as outside the maritime domain
  • Experience unseen multi-domain utility
  • Enjoy support for standards such as APP-11, ADatP-3, OTH-Gold, AIS, WAIS, USMTF, Link 11, Link 16 SIMPLE, Link 16 JREAP, ADS–B, NVG, KML, VMF, NFFI, and MIP

Video: SitaWare Maritime

Click on the the video below to hear our domain expert and former Commander in the Royal Danish Navy, Stig Meyer, explain how SitaWare Maritime provides naval commanders with enhanced situational awareness and C4ISR tools – delivering an operational advantage out of the box.

SitaWare Maritime C4I video with Stig Meyer

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