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SitaWare Fire Support module

The operationally proven fires support module to deliver rapid, intelligence-driven kinetic effects for SitaWare suite users

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Co-ordinating joint fires from one platform


Unify your planning

Simplify your operational and fires mission plans using one C4ISR management platform.


Increase responsiveness

Reduce the time taken between target identification and fires response.


Remove barriers

Ease collaboration between gun teams, operational planners, and fire support elements.

Key benefits

The SitaWare Fire Support module acts as an add-on to the combat-proven SitaWare battle management system, and allows for seamless integration of fire support from a forward observer through to a gun crew and fire support elements on all organisational levels. This integration means that a single platform can provide full mission planning and execution capabilities, as well as enhanced situational awareness for fire support teams.

With the need for modern fires assets to be increasingly mobile and dispersed, the SitaWare Fire Support module can be fielded by highly mobile forward observers and gun crews using SitaWare Frontline, with support from command posts acting as Fire Support Elements using SitaWare Headquarters.

SitaWare Fire Support integrates a number of military standards and processes into its operations, including the NATO SG2 Shareable Software Suite (S4) for ballistic and meteorological calculations in calculating fires missions.

Integrated fires support

One software suite to plan, co-ordinate, and assign fires missions.

Deconfliction and Clearance to Fire

Visualisation and differentiate of targets, prioritisation, airspace deconfliction, and safe distances.

Common interface for all users

Non-artillery specific information shared with other SitaWare users through the common interface.

Proven communications backbone

SitaWare Tactical Communication provides a reliable protocol for information flows.

Key standards support

Employing parts of NATO’s NABK and NAMK standards to perform ballistic calculations.

ASCA compliant

Deliver effects from coalition partners using the Artillery Systems Cooperation Activities (ASCA) gateway.


An add-on to our combat-proven SitaWare suite of products, the SitaWare Fire Support module ensures the rapid exchange of intelligence and fire commands to allow effective fire support.

Key features

  • Leverage SitaWare experience
  • Fire control functions
  • Graphical visualisation
  • Full tracking and auditing

Supporting all users in the fire support chain – from forward observer, to gun, fire direction centre, and joint fires cell – the Fire Support Module for Systematic’s SitaWare suite enables smooth fire support operations and co-ordination in planning and allocating fire missions.

We have outlined some of the key features of the module below, and how it can improve your fire support processes. Feel free to contact us for a demonstration on how it can be used as part of your SitaWare solution.

Leverage SitaWare experience

  • As an add-on for SitaWare Headquarters, SitaWare Frontline, and SitaWare Edge, the Fire Support module ensures a common user experience and reduces training time.
  • Easy integration onto existing SitaWare services and reduced hardware configuration time.
  • Uses SitaWare Tactical Communication to support operations with a wide variety of legacy and in-service radio systems, ensuring no complex reconfiguring of communication networks.

Fire control functions

  • Generate and digitally transfer fire missions from observers through to gun crews via fire direction centres.
  • Fire control functions which manage a shared prioritized fire mission list showing priority and status on “Clearance to Fire”.
  • Flexibility to allocate firing units to a specific fire mission and see their status.
  • Ability to execute distribution of fire by generating individual fire missions to the firing units.

Graphical visualisation

  • Graphical visualisation and differentiation of targets from a target list, and display of targets in a shared, prioritised target list.
  • Show safe distance zones and airspace deconfliction messages to ensure safe engagements.

Full tracking and auditing

  • Logging feature to record fire missions to support full transparency and auditing.

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