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Delivering the best training services to critical decision makers

A military’s training requirements are arguably the most challenging and broad of any organisation. Alongside extensive defence-specific courses are educational programmes that span many aspects of civilian life.

Military education can be as varied as basic academic courses that are typical of schools, to instructing personnel to maintain advanced weapons systems, fly aircraft, or survive in hostile environments.

Meeting these demands is no mean feat, and, with many militaries facing fiscal constraints and experiencing high operational tempos, employing innovative pedagogical methods is a must.

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Those that do the e-learning prior to their training catch on really quickly … it cuts down training time by at least a third.

Captain Henry Pietzuch

IT Officer - Panzerbrigade 12, German Army


Cutting-edge, in-app eTraining developed by top domain experts.

Systematic offers the best eTraining courses available in the Defence domain. Domain experts with extensive knowledge of real-world operations have developed the platform together with training experts and defence-specialised system engineers.

Train as you fight is always our starting point to ensure that we give you the best possible foundation and knowledge about the full use of system features.


In-app training

High fidelity in-app training enables you to learn with the real product.


Learning paths and certifications

A SitaWare Certification is your proof that your investment pays off. Our platform provides you with a unique and real-time overview of the data you need to ensure that your staff has the necessary training in the system – and that it is renewed when necessary.


Target-driven planning

A planning dashboard provides an essential overview of the staff’s training progress. Furthermore, the training planner can align or highlight the potential gaps between organizational needs and what the actual capacity allows. In this way, the planner uses data to ensure that training targets are met.

When I was a company commander, this kind of eLearning would have been a game changer. It would have enabled us to easily build a uniform baseline, thereby raising the knowledge level across the entire organization.

Troels Rehl

Training Product Manager & Former Captain

The Danish Army

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