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We strive to enable the complete continuum of care across all actors on the healthcare journey

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Our vision for future healthcare

At Systematic, we aspire to raise the quality of care in all aspects of the citizens’ health by unifying hospital staff, doctors, municipal care providers and citizens to ensure coherency across the patient journey. We want to engage citizens in mastering their own health and actively participating in self-care. 

We envision a world, where citizens experience a coherent health journey and where most of the treatment and care is obtainable at home. By empowering healthcare workers and citizens with accessible digital tools, we enable a true continuum of care with solutions that embrace the needs in hospitals, municipalities, care centres and citizens’ private homes. 

Enabling the continuum of care

Primary drivers for our solutions

To support the continuum of care and facilitate one health journey across sectors and healthcare domains, we have defined four areas of focus for our solutions. These implies that our Columna solutions are seen as:  

Our solutions promote one cross-sector and multi-disciplinary platform with data sharing at its core. This enables all healthcare workers and supported citizens to have relevant information at their fingertips.

Our solutions assist decision-making with intelligent insights, optimized overviews and notifications targeted to relevant personnel to ensure high patient safety and empowerment of healthcare workers.

Our solutions become the clinical workforce multiplier by increasing collaboration across departments and sectors using smart tasking, localization as well as direct and asynchronous communication.

Our solutions promote an open eco-system for healthcare services inviting in third party vendors to further extend capabilities and contribute to quality within the continuum of care.

An open, transparent eco-system

With our solutions, we create an open platform that supports the continuum of care and foster digital transparency at all stages of the citizens' health journey. This ensures a relevant data flow and coherence across all actors in the healthcare provision chain. 

We believe in the continuum of care as an eco-system evolving with and across healthcare actors. We are open to integration with third-party solutions, and we encourage everyone to participate in the pursuit for coherence across sectors. To promote an open eco-system, our solutions embrace international standards and technologies such as HL7® FHIR® and micro-services.