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5 steps to ensure success in IT implementation

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Best practices on how to ensure successful implementation of healthcare IT

Are you looking to implement new IT within healthcare?

Follow two of Systematic's Implementation Consultants, Aron Rauff and Laura Aagaard Nielsen, navigate through their best five learnings from major healthcare IT implementations at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) and eight hospitals in the Swedish Västa Götaland region.

  • Get a walk-through of the most decisive step to ensure successful implementations and user adoption.
  • Learn how an overlapping implementation process secured successful implementation of a digital workflow solution at eight Swedish hospitals in one year
  • Hear Aron and Laura share what hospitals should consider prior to implementing healthcare IT

Insights from real world cases

Watch two implementation experts share key learnings from the implementation of extensive healthcare IT solutions at two leading hospital boards in Northern Europe.


Digitalising service logistics at eight Swedish hospitals in one year

Get the most decisive steps to ensure a successful implementation of new task management systems. 


Manage user adoption and overlapping implementation

Educate super users and get a successful implementation with an overlapping implementation process. 


Best practices from successful implementation at QEUH, UK

Follow two implementation experts in a walk-through of their best practices for digitalising hospital workflows.

Best practices from Aron & Laura

Aron and Laura hosting implementation webinar

Based on +20 years of experience and +60 successful implementations, our two healthcare implementation consultants share experiences and insights on how to ensure a successful implementation of healthcare IT in larger hospitals and how an overlapping process can secure user adoption.

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