Nurse working with PC using Nation Patient Index

    Provider of the National Patient Index


    NPI - a service allowing searching for patient health information across data sources.



    • Manual collection of patient health information
    • Patient health information located across several data sources
    • Lack of overview of patients' health information


    • Solution which indexes information
    • Draws on information from other sources
    • Joint service for collection of patient information


    • Instant access to patient information and health records
    • Information shown in doctor's own clinical IT systems
    • Gathering of unknown medical history at acute illness

    Patient health information across data sources

    The NPI is a service which facilitates searching of patient health information across many different data sources The National Patient Index is a structure which from 2012 will make it easier for health professionals in Denmark to find information relating to their patients’ health. Where doctors used to have to obtain patient health information manually via a variety of systems, using the NPI they will now be able to see the information in their own surgery and clinic IT systems – no matter where in the country the patients were previously treated or in care. This is of great importance when dealing with patients in an emergency, or when receiving ambulant patients presenting complex case histories, or patients whose medical history is generally unknown to the person treating them.

    In this connection, the NPI is a service which makes it possible to obtain references to data about a patient from a variety of different data sources via an index. In other words, the NPI does not itself contain clinical data, but indexes information on where such data is to be found. So, for instance, the NPI draws on information from e-journals, the Danish National Patient Register and the Common Medication Card (FMK). This means that the NPI allows health professionals access to a wide range of relevant patient data across sectors and authorities.

    Large stakeholder group

    Systematic was chosen as the provider of the NPI, as the project is highly agile, requiring a large degree of flexibility. The NPI has a large stakeholder group with many different interests, which is why workshops with the customer’s customers are a major part of the task, as are advisory services. Systematic is very close to the customer, whether in the intensive preliminary investigation phase with workshops, during the definition of a model for the solution, or the subsequent development phase incorporating sprints and room for extensive variation.

    Systematic provides project management, development expertise and advice on architecture, as well as operation and maintenance. Subcontracted supplier InterSystems provides licensed software.