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May 1, 2024

Thisted Municipality Takes Important Step Towards Continuity and Security in Home Care

Employees’ drive and clear collaboration guidelines eased the transition to self-managing teams when Thisted Municipality implemented Columna Cura Mit Team (My Team) last year. The solution enhances employee job-satisfaction and ensures continuity for citizens, who develop stronger relationships with the staff visiting their homes.

Thisted Municipality began the "Self-managing Teams in Home Care" project in early 2022. To streamline visit coordination and strengthen internal collaboration within home care teams, Thisted tested and implemented Columna Cura Mit Team. With this solution, self-managing teams can coordinate their daily schedules and assist each other if, for example, a colleague falls behind on visits. Mit Team ensures both employee and citizen security by accommodating changes in the daily schedule.

Stine Stentoft, coordinator and system administrator in Thisted Municipality, describes the implementation of Mit Team as successful. The staff now feel more empowered and capable of making independent decisions when their workday takes unexpected turns.

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Columna Cura Mit Team

Columna Cura Mit Team is the solution that brings together teams within an organisation to solve core tasks for citizens.


Mit Team simplifies the coordination and adjustment of daily schedules, fostering greater flexibility and collaboration between employees and interdisciplinary teams. By optimizing team resources, team members work together more efficiently.

Improved collegial collaboration creates continuity and security for citizens

The Mit Team app offers simple and practical features that support employee collaboration and enable them to make important decisions when schedules change.

"What the staff values most is having a summary of what their team is doing in the field. Before, they did not know how their colleagues were advancing on tasks. With this overview, they feel that they collaborate more as a team and can make better choices themselves," says Stine Stentoft.

The app is particularly useful in cases of team members' illness. The absent employee's visits are listed in the app, allowing colleagues to distribute tasks quickly.

Previously, a coordinator had to go to the office, turn on the computer, and call employees to re-assign visits. The app thus has saved employees a considerable amount of time.

Employees were the driving force behind Thisted's success

Stine Stentoft suggests that those who are considering restructuring their teams into a self-managed model should start gradually and establish clear guidelines.

Additionally, it has been crucial for the project's success that employees have engaged and inspired each other to see the opportunities in using Mit Team in their work.

“We introduced the app to a few teams at a time. This approach allowed employees to share their positive stories and experiences with their colleagues, which sparked curiosity about the app. It's always easier to implement something that your colleagues are satisfied with rather than having someone like me talking about it. They are the ones supporting the idea," says Stine Stentoft.