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January 9, 2023

Close cooperation with Danish municipalities ensures joint success

Increased user involvement does not only strengthen the digital solutions within the care area, it also ensures that the concrete experiences in the municipalities are collated, examined, and incorporated when new functions are developed.

The electronic care record, Columna Cura, which is used in many of the Danish municipalities, has gradually become an integral part of the municipalities’ process and working day. Therefore, there is a greater need to include the users’ experience with the system and ensure that the elements that create challenges for the municipalities are solved in a smarter way.


Collaboration is the key

Systematic has increased its focus on capturing the users’ actual experiences. One of the means is a series of visits to the individual municipalities. Here the users can share their many different needs and experiences with Columna Cura within the care and social areas.

"The idea of visiting the municipalities is first and foremost about getting to know our users even better. It is a useful tool for us because it provides a credible insight into what works and what causes challenges. We listen to different approaches of how the solutions are used and how the users’ needs differ across the municipalities. Their feedback helps us to do our job in the best possible way, and it is more about making Cura better for everyone than about the wants of the individual municipality," says Torben Hagensen, Principal Architect at Systematic.

So far, Systematic has visited 8 out of the 34 municipalities that currently use Columna Cura, and more visits are planned in the beginning of this year. All 34 municipalities use Columna Cura for the care area, while 21 of these municipalities also use the solution for the social area.     


A map of needs and new opportunities

The concrete experiences and inputs will be used to make a map of the elements that can be improved across the municipalities and the areas that only apply to individual municipalities or professional groups.

"The goal is to identify the fundamental needs behind the users’ wishes for Cura, so we can come up with alternative and even better solutions. Therefore, it is important that we get to speak with the actual users of the solution to get the unfiltered, raw truth and a credible insight into the individual needs across the municipality," says Torben Hagensen.

During the visits, Systematic has had meetings with social and health care assistants, nurses, therapists, visitators, planners, builders, and depot employees. The diversity of end users has confirmed how different workflows and needs the individual employee groups have, and at the same time, it has given insights into the common requirements across the municipalities.

"Although our primary goal with the visits is to learn more about the users’ workflows and challenges, it is also about the users feeling heard. The municipalities and users are very pleased with our visits – and fortunately, we also face challenges where we can rapidly point to a solution," says Torben Hagensen.

The Columna Cura users are generally satisfied, and the challenges that arise are often due to the fact that the solution does not fit a given employee’s workflow. The specific knowledge about the users’ workflows can be used to adapt Cura so that it becomes even more flexible to use. This is an important focal point in future improvements to the product and in the development of new features.


Effective documentation for social and care

Columna Cura is the collective name for Systematic’s electronic care record, which supports and optimises documentation and coordination tasks in the municipality. The solution has been developed with focus on the varying workflows of users, and it can be accessed from different platforms depending on needs and situation. With its simple user interface, the solution ensures correct and efficient case management and supports the interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration around the citizen. Columna Cura is therefore used for both home and nursing care, rehabilitation, rehabilitation as well as health promotion and prevention.


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