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August 4, 2023

How Cura and AppWriter assist dyslexic social workers and healthcare aides in school and on the job

Columna Cura and AppWriter provide better conditions for students and employees in the social and healthcare sector. The combination of these two solutions ensures that social workers and healthcare aides with language difficulties can perform their job on equal footing with their colleagues.

In 2021, 44% of new students in Danish social and healthcare education programs faced language difficulties, such as dyslexia. Documentation is an essential part of the daily routine of a social worker and healthcare aide. As a result, there are high demands on tools that can help students complete their education and later on perform their jobs.

Favrskov Municipality has used Systematic’s electronic care record, Columna Cura, since 2018 to ensure high-quality collaboration around the citizens. The use of the reading and writing support tool, AppWriter, in addition to Cura, offers social workers and healthcare aides a helping hand when they navigate and document a client’s care record. Columna Cura gathers information about the citizen on one digital platform, while AppWriter offers speech recognition to dictate documentation directly into the client’s care record and reads out action and visit plans.

AppWriter is indispensable for dyslexic students

In August, 17-year-old Maria Boye Madsen completed her dream education as a social and healthcare aide. She has used reading apps since 3rd grade due to her dyslexia. When she started her Social and Health Care Helper education in 2021, she and her fellow students were introduced to AppWriter.

“My dyslexia shouldn’t stop me from becoming what I wanted to be. I wouldn’t have been able to complete my education without AppWriter. It supports me in the difficult things”, says Maria Boye Madsen.

During her education, she entered an internship in Favrskov Municipality, where she used AppWriter daily to administer medication to citizens or when writing reports.

Dyslexia is a taboo issue

Efforts are made in Favrskov Municipality to address dyslexia and provide essential help for students and employees with language difficulties.

“It is our experience that dyslexia is still a taboo issue. This taboo prevents dyslexic individuals from seeking help themselves,” says Annette Balshøj, EOJ responsible for Quality and Education – Elderly in Favrskov Municipality.

“People battling dyslexia need to know which tools are out there. That is why we handle this proactively. If we notice during training that someone is having language difficulties, we suggest AppWriter. We even encourage our super users to ask new students if they are familiar with AppWriter,” Balshøj adds.

Recruitment and retention of employees

Wizkids, the company behind AppWriter, have experienced an increase in demand for their tool. They believe that reading and writing technology is a crucial factor in recruiting and retaining employees.

“Twenty years ago, there wasn’t as much documentation as we see today. Now, there are more bilingual individuals who want to work in this field. The tool also helps those who have been diagnosed with dyslexia to a lesser extent, individuals who previously didn’t have the opportunity to get the help they needed. We find that the younger generation is more open with their dyslexia, while it is more challenging for older individuals to talk about it”, says Kent Ravn, consultant at Wizkids.

Efficient documentation for the care sector

Columna Cura is an electronic care record that supports and optimizes documentation and coordination tasks in the municipality. With its user-friendly platform, clear decision support, and effective digital communication, Columna Cura prioritizes citizens, their relatives, and employees. Columna Cura makes complex everyday life more manageable and ensures that citizens always receive the best possible care.

Want to experience how Columna Cura works? Book a demo and get an insight into the many functions and features the solution offers.