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March 28, 2023

Cura municipalities first to use national overview for patient appointments

More than 20 Columna Cura municipalities have started sharing and displaying patient appointments in the national Aftaleoversigt (Appointment Overview) system, which will be rolled out to all municipalities in the country. Appointment Overview gives patients a comprehensive overview of their appointments with hospitals, municipalities, and their own doctor, and allows healthcare professionals to coordinate the citizen's appointments.

Systematic is involved in several of the digital solutions that will support the Danish Health Data Authority's national project on "A Comprehensive Patient Overview". One of these is the joint Appointment Overview, which consists of a calendar where patients can access all their appointments with the hospital, municipal health and care, and their own doctor via the website. The solution also allows relatives and healthcare professionals to access the overall appointment overview and thereby take into account already scheduled appointments and plan the citizen's other treatment more efficiently.

Better planning of treatment

Skanderborg Municipality is one of more than 20 Columna Cura municipalities that have already implemented the solution. Here, healthcare professionals can now use the Appointment Overview as part of treatment planning, for example if a patient needs a check-up at a hospital or with their own doctor before a planned visit from the municipality.

"It's great to have this option, in addition to helping those citizens who cannot remember the time of their appointment with the doctor or hospital. So, it's a win-win," says Trine Krogh Andersen, Planner in the Galten care district in Skanderborg Municipality.

The appointment overview can also be used to coordinate visits by home care or nursing services and to show overlapping appointments with other parties, so that staff can avoid missed appointments or plan journeys. During the year, even more municipalities and hospitals will start using the national Appointment Overview.

National initiative for increased coherence

The national project to ensure a Unified Patient Overview is a collaboration between the Ministry of the Interior and Health, the Danish Association of Local Authorities, Danish Regions, the Organisation of General Practitioners, the Danish Health Data Authority, the Danish Agency for Digitisation, and MedCom. Appointment Overview and Common Master Card are the first digital solutions developed and tested as part of the project.

Follow the overall timetable for when the individual municipalities will start using the Agreement Overview and Shared Master Data on MedCom's website: