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April 5, 2022

Frederikshavn Municipality introduces a new IT system for social and senior services

Frederikshavn Municipality went live with their new user-friendly IT system Columna Cura, which will ensure effective documentation for employees and more time for citizen care.

A few weeks ago, Frederikshavn Municipality went live with Systematic's electronic care record Columna Cura. The solution ensures high quality and increased cooperation around the citizen and support documentation and coordination tasks for health professionals within home care, residential facilities, and nursing homes in Frederikshavn Municipality. At the same time, the new solution will free up more time for the citizen.

"With Columna Cura, the municipalities get a comprehensive solution that makes work simpler for employees in the social and health sector. The solution works on both computer and tablet, so employees can take it with them, when they visit the citizens. The system provides access to the exact information the employees need and supports them in their everyday lives, so they can focus on the elderly, disabled or drug addicted citizens who need help", says Anders Kerzel, Account Director in Healthcare at Systematic.

The new digital care record will support home carer, SOSU assistants, home nurses and social workers in their daily work with citizens. The system has been implemented by Systematic in close collaboration with Frederikshavn Municipality, and the municipality's employees have received training in the use of the system.

Columna Cura is an electronic care record that combines user-friendliness and decision support in one IT solution. Columna Cura provides employees with a clear and up-to-date overview of their tasks and of the citizens they are in contact with. Cura makes a complex everyday life more manageable and at the same time it frees up time in front of the screen, which can instead be used with the citizen.


  • Frederikshavn Municipality is part of Region North
  • The municipality covers more than 60,000 citizens
  • The current municipality was created with the municipal reform in 2007, where Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby Municipality were merged.