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September 27, 2023

13 of the world’s best smart hospitals use Systematic's software

It is no secret that technology can work wonders, and health sectors worldwide are working to upgrade themselves digitally. The list of the best smart hospitals has now been published, and Aarhus University Hospital, which has been using Systematic’s software for years, is now ranked no. 3 in Europe.

The American news magazine Newsweek and the German online statistics platform Statista have just published their 2024 list of hospitals worldwide using the most advanced technologies. The World’s Best Smart Hospitals ranks the leading 330 hospitals within smart technologies from 28 different countries. The most important parameters behind the rankings are the use of artificial intelligence (AI), robot technology, telemedicine, digital imaging and electronic functionalities.

The top 30 includes Karolinska University Hospital, Aarhus University Hospital and Aalborg University Hospital which, together with 10 others on the list, use Systematic’s software to improve workflows and ensure an optimum patient experience.

Innovation and digitalisation produce strong health systems

In Denmark, the so-called Robustness Commission recently presented 20 recommendations for how to change the Danish health service to make it more robust. The aim is to “ensure more staff with more time for their core task”, and here digitalisation plays a key role.

Even though the hot-off-the-press Danish recommendations and the Newsweek survey are not connected in any way, it testifies to the global focus on how technology and innovation can create better health systems and patient care for everyone.

What distinguishes the leading hospitals in the Newsweek survey is their ability to always innovate while staying focused on what matters most: improving patient care.

One of the keys to maintaining the hospitals’ reputation and a continual focus on welfare is their willingness to innovate and develop digital solutions. The size of the older generation is growing, while that of the working population is decreasing – without digital adaptability, the health sector faces collapse.

Ranking no. 15 worldwide and no. 3 in Europe, it is noteworthy that Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) is on the right path.

“For many years, AUH and Central Denmark Region have prioritised and engaged in developing digital solutions, for example where we gather and use data to facilitate working procedures for our staff while improving the quality of the treatments we offer our patients,” says acting CEO Thomas Balle Kristensen in a press release from Aarhus University Hospital.

Aarhus University Hospital has been actively contributing for some time to the development of Systematic’s electronic health record (EHR) system Columna CIS, which is the platform for the EHR systems for the Central Denmark Region, the Region of Southern Denmark and the North Denmark Region.

Data-based comparison worldwide

The 2024 ranking draws on data from a total of 28 countries. The aim of the survey is to provide a data-based comparison of each hospital’s reputation and results across national boundaries.
The hospitals on the list using Systematic’s solutions are:

  • No. 10: Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
  • No. 15: Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
  • No. 27: Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark
  • No. 40: Oslo University Hospital, Norway
  • No. 113: University Medical Centre Utrecht, Netherlands
  • No. 123: Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • No. 148: Tampere University Hospital, Finland
  • No. 239: Päijänne Tavastia Central Hospital, Finland
  • No. 222: Odense University Hospital, Denmark
  • No. 231: Herlev Hospital, Denmark
  • No. 260: Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark
  • No. 316: Gentofte Hospital, Denmark
  • No. 319: Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark