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March 6, 2023

From full-time father to front-runner for Danish defence technology

He has cleared ammunition in Kosovo, worked for the Danish Defence Intelligence Service and paved the way for Danish defence technology in North Africa and the Middle East. Most recently, he has been a full-time father for almost three years. Now, David Adgill Larsen will point the way for the software company Systematic’s strategic defence projects.

On 1 February, David Adgill Larsen put the LEGO bricks back on the shelves and stepped into his new position as Vice President, Defence Strategic Projects, at the software company Systematic. After almost three years as a full-time father for his two sons, he will now develop new strategic business areas within the Defence domain at Systematic.

David holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen, and was a staff sergeant with the Engineer Regiment in the Royal Danish Army. In the 10 years he was attached to the army, he completed several specialist training programmes, was posted to Kosovo and trained various units prior to them being sent on international missions. In addition, he has 10 years of experience from the defence company Terma, where he spent five years in Abu Dhabi in charge of the company’s activities in the Middle East and North Africa.

“David takes a holistic approach to our customers and has a practical understanding of the services and solutions we offer. We are already internationally recognised for our defence IT systems, so David’s task will be to show Systematic’s defence customers that, in addition to supplying complete IT solutions, we’re also capable of implementing large and complex integration projects and handling development and operations,” says Michael Holm, CEO at Systematic.

Systematic develops IT infrastructure, system solutions and digital ecosystems primarily for the public sector. All Systematic’s customers need to be able to integrate, compile and analyse huge volumes of complex data and make decisions accordingly – and often in critical situations.

“Most countries are very busy at digitally transforming their armed forces. They need new and advanced technological solutions, and they also need to be far more data-driven than previously. For them to be able to use all this data, both the old and new systems have to be able to work together. And this, among other things, is what Systematic excels at: Integrating new technology with older solutions so it adds new value and greater applicability for the customer,” says David, adding:

“My task will be to show customers how Systematic can solve the complex tasks they face.”
In addition to all the exciting tasks in David’s new role, he also greatly values the fact that he will be able to see his children every day.

“Even though it was exciting being stationed for Terma in the Middle East for five years, my relationship with my young boys suffered as a result. Therefore, I had a sabbatical for a few years so my wife could have freer hands for her career, and I could re-establish closer relations with my children. It has been a fantastic ‘investment’, and I’m delighted that I can now start getting to grips with my tasks at Systematic while still being able to return home to my family each day,” he says in conclusion.



2007: MSc in Political Science, University of Copenhagen

2002: Staff sergeant, Danish Army Sergeant School

1998: Sergeant, Danish Army Engineer and NBC School

Business experience

2023 - : Vice President, Defence Strategic Projects, Systematic

2020-2023: Full-time father

2014-2020: Vice President and General Manager, Middle East and North Africa, Terma

2012-2014: Regional Director, Middle East, Terma

2010-2012: Business Analysis Manager, Terma

2007-2010: Head of Section, Danish Defence Intelligence Service

2006-2007: Research Assistant, Defence and Security unit at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)

1997-2007: Sergeant First Class (Reserves), Royal Danish Army

2005: Personal assistant for the Danish Defence Attaché in Poland

2004: Second in Command, Engineers’ platoon, Kosovo Force 10 (KFOR 10), Kosovo


Civil status

Married to Catharina, who is Director, Policy and Global Engagement at LEGO System A/S.

Father to Max (8) and Xander (6).

Living in Copenhagen.

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