System developers exploring process mining

Process mining presents a powerful shortcut to improved processes

The backbone of a successful organisation is well-defined and effective processes. Using machine learning, Systematic explores how process mining can uncover smarter ways of working in a Danish municipality.

Advanced algorithms and machine learning

Together with Skanderborg Municipality in Denmark, Systematic is conducting a pilot study to use process mining to optimize processes and documentation in Cura – our complete solution for Electronic Care Records.

Process mining uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to discover, monitor, and improve processes. The pilot explores how process mining can create visibility of variances in the execution of processes, bottlenecks, or deviation from agreements or regulations. 

Process variants can then be checked for compliance by comparing to a reference model, either retrospectively or as active decision support. This allows improvement areas with the highest impact to be identified from the actual process. When the changes have been implemented, Skanderborg Municipality can then measure and benchmark the realised effect.

Invaluable tool for validating functionalities

A launching pad for proactivity

In this light, process mining is an invaluable tool for validating whether newly implemented functionalities in an IT system create the intended value.

The improved overview allows Skanderborg Municipality to monitor user journeys to proactively implement bug-fixes or training initiatives. The result is improved processes in the present – and an improved basis for future success.

From innovation to implementation

Enabling the continuum of care across sectors and healthcare services requires a constant influx of innovation. By exploring, validating, and implementing new technologies, Systematic keep pushing the bar for quality software solutions in healthcare. This carries through from early ideation stages to implementation in our market-leading solutions. Following a four-step framework, our dedicated Business Intelligence & Data Science team shape the technologies that make up our future solutions – across products and projects.

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