Systematic's high maturity within software development is not only a concept - it is our mindset. We pursue continuous improvement while staying focused at turning complexity into simplicity in order to deliver the best results for our customers.




As a customer, you can rely on the agreed timetable for and price of your project, benefiting from Systematic's overall structured working methods.

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We want our customers to have a positive experience in all their dealings with us. We aim at fulfilling our customers’ expectations in regards to all aspects of our engagement.

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We customise our agile approach to software development to your needs - and we deliver at a fixed price. Watch this video and learn how.


Agile Development at a fixed price

How do you combine a fixed price and agile development in IT projects?
As a customer you often need to limit your risks in IT development using fixed price, and you need to be able to develop a solution over time to ensure that it fulfills your needs.
In Systematic, we often look at IT development projects like this; they run from time A to time B. In this project scope we need to monitor the budget and the needs that must be fulfilled. Furthermore, we need to cooperate with third parties during the project period in order to deliver.
On this level of the project we use traditional methodologies like PRINCE2 and PMI to monitor and manage the project.
At the lower level we use agile methodologies like Scrum to coordinate and adjust the project and the solution with the customer as we go along. We also coordinate with the customer on a daily basis in morning meetings.
Hence, we combine traditional project management methods and agile methods in order to ensure that our solution is able to fulfill the customer’s original needs within the boundaries of a fixed budget.

Agile Development at a fixed price

How we combine traditional Project Management with Agile Development





With Scrum, we ensure agility in our work processes. Being agile leads to a guaranteed high quality, delievery on time and on budget.


Close collaboration with clients is a key factor in managing projects and successfully steering them towards a desired outcome. In Systematic, we ensure a high standard in all of the services we provide:



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Our approach to software development means that we can act in a flexible, open-minded manner and apply a well-documented collaboration model that generates measurable results quickly and efficiently. Learn more about:


Systematic is recognised internationally for its ability to optimise and improve the efficiency of processes through a combination of the CMMI model and agile develoment methods based om LEAN and Scrum. Learn more about:


Our documented results attract a great deal of international interest and attention, and we have had several articles on this topic published by the IEEE association.

Read and download the articles.


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