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SitaWare Aspire

Digital training platform that provides users with hands-on experience in the SitaWare suite

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Streamlined learning experience


Amplify cooperation

Standardised digital training ensures corresponding user qualifications and enhances cooperation.


Boost operational tempo

Well-founded and scalable training strengthens your units' skills and readiness in demanding situations.


Maximise training outcomes

Digitised training reduces administration, expenses, and travel compared to fixed classroom training.

Video: SitaWare Aspire

SitaWare Aspire is Systematic’s new digital training platform. It adds an extra dimension to the classic e-learning concept with the combination of digital training and hands-on exercises – and enables you to take C4ISR training to the next level.

Soldier training in SitaWare Aspire

Key benefits

SitaWare Aspire is the digital in-app training platform that provides you realistic, hands-on experience working with the SitaWare suite, enabling you to unleash the full potential of your SitaWare solution.

Built on the classic e-learning environment of textual and video resources, SitaWare Aspire brings digital C4ISR training to the next level by adding an extra dimension: In-app training. The training platform has the operational SitaWare suite integrated into the training environment, offering in-app exercises, with a digital instructor supporting trainees as they learn how to use the software.

This ‘train as you fight’ approach provides users with experiences that reflect real-life scenarios – and delivers faster and more efficient learning outcomes. As a result, users develop their C4ISR skill set hands-on while navigating and operating the actual interface.

Unleash the full potential

The combination of digital training and hands-on exercises takes C4ISR training to the next level.

Reduced training burden

SitaWare Aspire allows you to train your units efficiently without travel costs and coordination.

Training developed from best practice

Validated by domain experts, each SitaWare Aspire lesson accurately reflects realistic workflows.

Train as you fight

Integrating with the operational SitaWare suite, the courses allow you to navigate the actual user interface.

Standardised and certified training

Everyone goes through the same exercises guided by the same digital instructor.

Course completion

All courses are continuously updated so you can focus on completing courses, not maintaining them.

Key features

  • In-app training
  • Free-roam sandbox
  • Course certification

SitaWare Aspire is an easy-to-access and highly intuitive learning platform that revolutionises military training. Explore some of the main features of SitaWare Aspire below and discover how the solution brings C4ISR training to the next level.

We welcome you to book a live demo of SitaWare Aspire, a presentation of its capabilities, or a discussion of how your organisation may benefit from the digital training platform.

In-app training

  • Train directly in the SitaWare suite, increasing the C4ISR competencies of your team
  • Translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills with the intuitive user interface
  • Strengthen learning through explanatory texts, instructional videos, and hands-on exercises

Free-roam sandbox

  • Free-roam in the SitaWare suite with SitaWare Aspire's sandbox environment
  • Discover the capabilities of SitaWare Frontline and SitaWare Headquarters at your own pace, either guided by on-screen tutorials or simply by navigating the system yourself
  • Choose your own scenarios to train specific C4ISR capabilities

Course certification

  • Receive certificates based on course progression
  • Use certificates serve as guarantees for management that training targets are accomplished
  • Use course certification to standardise the skills of users across the organisation

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