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Technology and innovation with impact

Modern defence is entirely dependent on technology. On solutions that simplify critical decision making, safeguard allies, and, ultimately, help win the day.

At Systematic, we believe in innovation with impact. Our mission is to design and develop smart software solutions that support defence forces across the world. This is from multi-domain warfare with a peer adversary to counter-insurgency operations, as well as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief activities.

For us, it is not about innovation for the sake of innovation. It is about the impact.
Explore our perspective on new effective technologies that are already shaping Defence across all domains.

The best of best practice

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Real impact requires a focused approach to new technology. We have compiled the best of best practice to build a powerful framework for creating true impact across domains.

Delivering state-of-the-art software solutions requires us to be at the forefront of technology.

From spotting new trends, technologies, and opportunities – to employing organisation-wide collaboration to make the most of new discoveries. We deliver customer impact with tangible innovations. 

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Introduce a change that changes everything

Talk with us about your visions for your C4ISR capabilities or let us inspire you by bridging new technology and innovation power with our deep domain insight.

Shaping the future of battle management

As operations continue to change and new challenges emerge, our focus evolves with it. Currently, we concentrate our efforts on several technological themes with significant impact potential. Effects that are already evident across specific projects and product improvements. We develop intelligent solutions that leverage the power of intelligence: From intelligence management and business intelligence to artificial intelligence. Explore our current themes below.

From cutting-edge technology to completely new capabilities

  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobile Computing
  • MESH Networks
  • Augmented Reality

By working with continuous forecasting, we constantly scope out new technologies and explore how to pair them with customer demands.

Below you can read about the technologies that currently shape our innovations.

Machine Learning

AI is a transformative technology on the modern battlefield and is bringing a step change in capabilities to all domains. Its ability to handle vast volumes of complex data will streamline and speed up decision-making processes, acting as a force multiplier for commanders. Systematic is exploring the application of AI across the SitaWare suite and we have already introduced various aspects in our software, ranging from our AI Assisted Toolbox that is designed to streamline work processes, to the application of machine learning for anomaly detection in the maritime domain.

We are exploring a range of advanced uses for AI, including for decision-support tools – such as for route planning and analysis – and the ability to analyse multi-source intelligence reports through the use of natural language understanding.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology is revolutionising how C2 capabilities are delivered to commanders across the battlespace. Whether you are implementing cloud technology on premise or use a third party service provider, cloud technology brings on-demand scaling, improved availability and security, and cost optimisation. The technology also promises the ability for commanders operating at lower echelons to have access to advanced capabilities that are not typically organic to their formation.

On-demand scaling enables compute heavy analysis of vast amounts of diverse data for improved decision support, regardless of the data’s origin.

At Systematic we have also leveraged cloud technology for e-learning applications and are committed to introducing the benefits of the cloud to SitaWare operators, offering flexibility and resilience to users in how they deploy, manage, and operate SitaWare.

We are working with the latest technologies and leading vendors, from Microsoft for hosting, to Kubernetes for container orchestration in clusters, and the Harbor Cloud registry for managing deployments.


Cyber warfare is an established domain on the modern battlefield and ensuring resilience for SitaWare operators is of paramount importance for Systematic. We employ leading code analysis technology to ensure our software is hardened against cyber threats, and have integrated external penetration testing into our development processes.

We have also introduced Keycloak Access Management to our SitaWare Headquarters software, with a built-in user interface that simplifies the process for assigning roles and privileges to operators.

Mobile Computing

Militaries employ a wide range of end user devices with varying sizes and display types, especially at the tactical level. We have designed the SitaWare suite to function on a multitude of platforms, ranging from cell-phone type devices through to larger tablets. Our software has also been designed to adapt to the orientation and display size of the device (known as responsive design), and is equally capable in landscape and portrait configurations.

MESH Networks

Mesh radio networks provide militaries with resilience in their communications infrastructure and ensure that there is no single point of failure, with every node dynamically serving as a router for every other node.

Effectively managing the flow of large amounts of data across these networks is a key enabler for command-and-control on the modern battlefield. The sheer volume of data can overwhelm networks and it is here that SitaWare Tactical Communication protocols give commanders an operational advantage.

STC automatically manages all the complexities of data compression, bandwidth management, synchronization, connectivity and routing. This enables commanders at the tactical edge to effortlessly share vital battle information.

Augmented Reality

Developments in augmented reality technologies are enabling situational awareness and C2 information to be delivered to commanders in novel ways. Once the preserve of aircraft pilots, AR displays can now be integrated onto soldier-worn headsets and goggles, as well as installed in vehicles.

We are exploring opportunities to provide aspects of the SitaWare suite’s comprehensive C2 capabilities to commanders via AR systems, with a focus on force tracking and situational awareness information. We also place an emphasis on the user experience, to ensure that any technology implemented is not a burden to the operator.

The difference is in our approach

Hans Jørgen Bohlbro, Vice President Product Management, gives his views on how the Systematic Defence Team makes a difference to our customers.

Hans Jorgen Bohlbro, Vice President Product Management, gives his views on how we make a difference

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