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Information superiority through automation of intelligence collection, processing, and dissemination

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Advanced data-driven decision support


Respond to intelligence needs

Fight smarter with accurate and timely information seamlessly integrated into planning cycles.


Quickly identify and react to threats

Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes data swiftly for unrivalled decision support.


Enable multi-domain operations

Built-in protocols allow sharing of information across alliance partners and domains.

Video: SitaWare Insight explained

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Anomaly Detection, SitaWare Insight rapidly uncovers and delivers critical intelligence to support your troops, as well as across joint, allied, and friendly forces.

Click on the animation below to learn more about SitaWare Insight.

SitaWare Insight explainer video animation

Key benefits

Data is central to effective command-and-control (C2), providing the backbone for crucial decisions. Yet the constant, and vast, flow of information from across units, domains, and allies can be extensive. However, SitaWare Insight is designed to support intelligence staff procedures with big-data storage, processing, analysis, and dissemination – significantly enhancing the overall command-and-control capabilities.

Fully integrated intelligence with SitaWare Insight

SitaWare Insight extends the successful SitaWare Headquarters, making it possible to send intelligence across all levels of command, even in contested or denied environments. This ensures an integrated information superiority from headquarters to the tactical level, enabling a crucial operational advantage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings precision-led operations – and speed

SitaWare Insight’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes this data quickly for timely situational awareness, understanding of the environment, identification of patterns, and sharing of knowledge – all essential for delivering up-to-the-minute decision support to commanders and personnel at all levels.

The speed and accuracy at which this intelligence can be shared ensures SitaWare Insight is a force multiplier for all key decisions.

Manage the full intelligence cycle

SitaWare Insight delivers an integrated management of the IRM & CM processes.

Data fabric with federated search

The data fabric enables collection, processing, search and dissemination of all types of intelligence data.

Disseminate the Recognised Intelligence Picture

Following analysis and exploitation of the intelligence data, the RIP can be shared throughout the network.

Coalition interoperability

SitaWare Insight complies with NATO Federated Mission Networking (FMN) requirements for intel interoperability.

US Marshal signaling F35 on ground

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

The solution comes with AI models for intelligence exploitation and supports custom 3rd party models.

Open and scalable architecture

The cloud-native architecture of SitaWare Insight ensures a scalable, future-proof, and secure solution.

Video: SitaWare Insight

SitaWare Insight is the decision-support tool that transforms data collection and management, providing commanders with advanced data capture and analysis capabilities.

Watch the video below to hear Henrik Sommer, SitaWare Insight product manager and domain expert, explain the possibilities with SitaWare Insight.

Key features

  • Intelligence management and planning
  • Data capture, storage, and processing
  • Shared situational awareness
  • Recognised Intelligence Picture (RIP)
  • Intelligence sharing and cooperation
  • Multi-domain deployable data lake

SitaWare Insight provides commanders with an intelligence-led Common Operational Picture (COP), fast and accurate intelligence support, and data insights to support planned and ongoing operations.

The solution enables a complete integration of military and non-military data sources as well as inputs from across all domains. This provides staff operating across intelligence, planning, and current operations with an advanced, holistic overview of the battlespace.

In the section below, you find an overview of some of the most important features of SitaWare Insight. These are only highlights, and we are more than happy to answer questions, give a live demo, and discuss how SitaWare Insight can help you gain information superiority.

Intelligence management and planning

  • Enhance your Intelligence Requirements Management (IRM)
  • Experience advanced Collection Management (CM) of intelligence data
  • Integrate fully with task execution matrix

Data capture, storage, and processing

Shared situational awareness

  • Integrate intelligence data into a Common Operational Picture (COP)
  • Provide decision support for dynamic planning
  • Feed into plans and orders for intelligence-led operations

Recognised Intelligence Picture (RIP)

  • Create and maintain intelligence pictures
  • Amplify with intelligence products from the data fabric
  • Disseminate intelligence pictures to other SitaWare users, sites, and platforms
  • Share with coalition partners through interoperability standards such as MIP and KML

Intelligence sharing and cooperation

  • Share intelligence data across alliance, government, NGO, and coalition partners through a Coalition Shared Database (CSD)
  • Use built-in protocols to enable intelligence sharing across alliance partners
  • Ensure a Common Operational Picture (COP) for partners with fast processing of data

Multi-domain deployable data lake

  • Benefit from a deployable data lake for ships at sea or denied environments
  • Draw in intelligence from across all domains
  • Integrate intelligence quickly into Common Operational Picture (COP) for all forces

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