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How to apply

Here you can read about our application requirements and suggestions on how to improve your application

When you submit your application

We consider you submitted a complete application when we receive your CV and cover letter. We recommend that you upload them in PDF format. If any other information is required as part of your application, it will be mentioned in the job ad.

  • Electronic application
  • Improve your application
  • Security clearance
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Electronic application

Application form

Electronic application

All applications, also the unsolicited applications, must be submitted electronically via our recruitment system. When you apply, you will create a profile where you can save and manage your application. If you apply for multiple jobs, you will manage all the applications from your recruitment profile.

Improve your application

improve your application

Improve your application

Consider your application as a look into your history and your future. The CV shows your history, the experiences you accumulated in the past, what you learned, and what you worked on. The cover letter should look into your future and help us understand where you want to go from here and how we can embark on this journey together.

Security clearance

Security clearance

Security clearance

As an employee with Systematic, you will need to be able to obtain a security clearance in order to be hired in any position within our company. This means:

  • You must have a clean criminal record
  • You must have resided in a NATO or EU country in the past 7 years.

To work within our Defence Business Unit, you will need a security clearance from the Danish national security agency. This will be handled in cooperation with your manager.

For more information about NATO countries, please visit:

For more information about EU countries, please visit:

You will receive more information about the security clearance further in the recruitment process. If you have any questions, please contact our People Attraction team on +45 8943 2000.

The recruitment process in Systematic
Our recruitment process

While you wait

Our application process includes several steps and it can last for a few weeks. You can follow the status of your application on your recruitment profile. If you have any questions, we are happy to help answer them. You will receive our contact information in your confirmation email when you send your application or at the end of the job description. If you are curious to find out more about Systematic, follow us on LinkedIn and meet some of our colleagues.

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