Battle Management for the Dismounted Commander

SitaWare Edge delivers comprehensive situational awareness and C2 for commanders operating at the tip of the spear. With an advanced mapping system that supports multiple map types in both 2D and 3D, commanders gain a clear understanding of their area of operations.

Planning and geo tools, advanced force tracking, and integrated chat functionality provide an operational advantage, combined with an intuitive and easy to use interface commanders can focus on conducting the mission, rather than managing the system. Furthermore, SitaWare Edge employs Systematic’s SitaWare Tactical Communications (STC) protocols, which enable large volumes of data to be transmitted over limited bandwidth and in challenging conditions.



Top-to-bottom C2

SitaWare Edge integrates seamlessly with SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Frontline, giving top-to bottom C2 and situational awareness across the battlespace. With a common look-and-feel and aligned symbology across all members of the SitaWare Suite, users are assured that the same operating picture is seen at all echelons. This commonality also enables users to easily transition between the different systems, reducing training time and costs, and helping address skills fade. Furthermore, SitaWare Edge is compliant with the latest standards, making it fully interoperable with other systems, coalition partners and NATO member countries.



Selected product highlights

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Friendly Force Tracking

FFT available to all members of the tactical network. High update rate achieved through SitaWare Tactical Communications.


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Shares Situational

Shared situational awareness

Automatically updated picture of your own forces, danger areas, points-of-interest, and enemy reports, including type, size and location.


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Tactical communications

Highly efficient data transfer enables commanders at the tactical edge to effortlessly share vital battlefield information. Even with the tactical radios, you already have.


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Tactical Comms



High Performance

High performance map

Get high performance visualisations on a wide range of supported map formats - also in 3D. Use geographical overlays for better mission execution. No need for a map server.


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Full symbol alignment

Edge 2.0 utilises the same map engine as SitaWare Headquarters, aligning symbology and interaction across the SitaWare suite.


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Full Symbol



More information 

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