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December 14, 2022

SitaWare Suite demonstrates joint domain credentials on US-led exercise

Systematic has supported US, UK and Australian forces as part of a joint domain future warfare experiment in California.

Called Project Convergence, the exercise examined how using artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and autonomy can improve battlefield situational awareness, connecting sensors with shooters and accelerating decision-making speeds.

It is the US Army’s contribution to Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2, the Pentagon’s concept of rapid information sharing and tailored responses to aggression.

Systematic’s UK team provided technical support and operational advisors alongside the SitaWare products. This was part of a partnership with Roke, whose Zodiac contract with the British Army involves receiving and analysing data from a range of feeds and distributing it to the tactical users.

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Future-proofing defence operations

Henrik Sommer, Director of Systematic’s Defence Operations, said: “Project Convergence was a great opportunity to demonstrate to all partners the fantastic intelligence utility that the SitaWare Suite provides to commanders across the battlefield.

“Using this technology enabled forces to be more agile, be able to react faster and for all levels to have access to a complete situational awareness. Data is the ammunition of the future, so it is central to effective command and control. This ability to collect, fuse, and analyse intelligence and share it across domains and alliances, is imperative in modern warfare.”

Alliance-building and multi-domain

The SitaWare Suite is used by 47 nations within their defence organisations, demonstrating its importance for multi-national cooperation and partnerships.

It enables alliances to have access to a common operating picture with the ability to quickly share and disseminate among their forces.

And with the Project Convergence exercise taking place in the joint domain of land and air, it also proves SitaWare’s ability to connect systems across all domains, crucial for defence in the 21st century.

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