Italian Army using SitaWare Headquarters (Credit: Esercito Italiano)
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February 20, 2024

Italian Army selects SitaWare Headquarters

SitaWare Headquarters to be deployed to support a range of Esercito Italiano formations.

Aarhus, 20 February 2024. Systematic is pleased to announce that the Esercito Italiano (Italian Army) has deployed its SitaWare Headquarters solution for the organisation’s Imperio programme. SitaWare Headquarters will be used from regimental to army corps level.

Delivered in conjunction with our Italian partner Fincantieri NexTech - a Fincantieri Group subsidiary which specialises in innovative solutions - the selection and implementation came after rigorous testing and evaluation by the Esercito Italiano through a competitive tender. SitaWare Headquarters stood out with its open architecture allowing additional modules to be easily integrated into the platform, scalability to support rapid integration and deployment of new modules, security, and survivability and availability.

The Italian Army is using the SitaWare Headquarters software for its Imperio programme. (Credit: Esercito Italiano)

“We are proud to be supporting the Esercito Italiano as part of its Esercito 4.0 [Army 4.0] modernisation programme, which includes the digitisation of command posts and the deployment of an integrated, redundant, multidomain broadband communications network. Systematic’s SitaWare Headquarters has been selected to provide a Common Operational Picture (COP) for static and mobile headquarters units to enable the management and distribution of the COP across the armed forces command,” said Systematic Senior Business Development Manager Paul Fielding.

“As we continue to leverage a range of new technologies such as artificial intelligence into the SitaWare suite, we are looking forward to the long-term partnership with Fincantieri NexTech and Esercito Italiano that will come from this contract,” Fielding added.

The new capability will enable the Esercito Italiano’s operational units to easily integrate current and future tactical systems, and further enhance interoperability within the Italian military, NATO, and beyond. To date, the Esercito Italiano has employed SitaWare Headquarters in a number of training exercises, with the Pinerolo Brigade spearheading the deployment of the system.

SitaWare Headquarters is the market-leading C4ISR platform that enables all levels of command to share situational awareness, track friendly and enemy forces, as well as supporting the development and delivery of operational plans in both deployed and fixed locations.

The platform supports increased flexibility in the planning cycle through collaborative construction of both textual and graphical plans and all orders for all staff functions. SitaWare further supports a wide range of military and civilian data communication standards, promoting joint, coalition, and civil-military interoperability.

Over 50 nations have deployed SitaWare Headquarters, including the US Army, British Army, German Army, New Zealand Defence Force, Royal Danish Army, NATO, and more.

For more information contact Systematic's communication manager (defence), Charles Forrester, at [email protected].

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