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The digital foundation for modern libraries

Libraries allow us to understand the past and help shape the future. They are an essential part of our education system and play a key part in the evolution of modern knowledge societies. The library is a cultural space. A knowledge hub. Often the only place where you can sit for free, for as long as you like, in warm and safe surroundings. It is a place for parents and prams, for knitting clubs, enjoying the daily paper, or simply being.  

However, the library has also taken on a changing and new role in society. New demands are made on staff who must focus an increasing part of their efforts on local community responsibility and experiences. This puts pressure on time and competencies as it leaves less time for intricate cataloguing and administrative work – and it increases the need for well-designed user interfaces, frictionless workflows, and smooth integrations to external systems.

Digitising Denmark: Joint Library System

Our leading library management system, Cicero, currently powers every Danish public and school library across 98 municipalities. Every year, we help Danish libraries handle more than 50 million loans to more than four million patrons.

Cicero was originally created as a national Danish initiative to allow all the nation’s libraries to collaborate on building the strongest, most modern library system possible – and to continue developing it.  

With Cicero, the Danish libraries now take full advantage of their data and ensure efficient workflows to make the most of their available resources – both personnel and materials.

Designed as a ‘software-as-a-service’ platform, Cicero is continuously and seamlessly updated, and all upgrades are made available for all customers across markets.

By leveraging a shared data platform, Danish libraries can offer shared materials to users in every municipality, creating equal opportunity for interlibrary loans across the country. 

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A complete software suite designed for modern libraries

  • Cicero
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  • Cicero Slide
  • Cicero Explore

Powerful on its own - perfect in connection

The base solution can cover nearly every library need thanks to its technologically superior design. However, Cicero is designed to match the specific needs of any library, no matter the setup or size.

With the full product suite, libraries can take full advantage of the potential of business intelligence, automation, and unstaffed solutions – allowing them to make the most of the resources they have available while providing the best possible experience for their users.


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The 'on the go' solution for modern libraries

Cicero offers effective support for all library processes and workflows. The system provides library staff and management with user-friendly administrative support and advanced decision-making for purchasing, booking, and handling materials and fees. With its modular design, Cicero makes it easy to assign functions for each team member – ensuring a smooth and easy user-experience, no matter the task.

Cicero Surf

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The smart patron interface for smaller libraries

Cicero Surf forsyner biblioteker med deres egen onlineportal, hvor lånere kan søge i bibliotekets materialer, reservere bøger og kontrollere deres status for lån og reservationer. Surf kan tilpasses med farver, logoer og eksterne links, så de passer til behovene i hvert enkelt bibliotek.

Cicero Slide

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Perfect for small libraries

Cicero Slide is a simple and intuitive touchscreen solution for loaning, returning, and checking status on current loans. Easy to use for all ages, Cicero Slide is perfect for libraries with little or no staff or simply as a smart self-service option.  

Cicero Explore

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Impressively smart library statistics

Libraries hold enormous amounts of valuable data that can streamline daily tasks, increase efficiency, and improve overall offerings. With Cicero Explore, libraries can take full advantage of their data to create data overviews, insights, and reports that help them work smarter and save valuable resources. By making the most of library data, managers can ensure optimum operations and improve their offerings to citizens of all ages.

Ready to check out all the benefits?

Get at personal introduction to Cicero and find out how our solutions can help your library or school. Reach out today to book a non-binding meeting, either in person or online.

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