Maritime Security

Protecting critical national infrastructure with intelligent surveillance above and below the surface.

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A new world order

With the changes in the geopolitical landscape, we now live in a world that is more dependent than ever on our power and commodity infrastructure. With more than 300 undersea cables, 160+ global windfarms, and gas and oil pipelines spanning thousands of kilometres across the globe, there is a vast amount of offshore assets that require constant monitoring and a state of readiness.

With energy being one of the most precious and expensive household commodities, structures such as energy islands, substations, and windfarms that generate power are particularly vulnerable. The attacks on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline last year made it clear that such critical structures are seen as legitimate targets, and security has become the top priority.

There is an urgent need for solutions, services and knowledge to monitor, prevent, analyse, assess, and protect our critical national infrastructure against potential threats and real crises.

Deep insights from the offshore wind industry, defence, and national security

Systematic has 35+ years of experience delivering software for international defence forces, and 20+ years developing secure mission-critical solutions to national security customers and marine coordination software for offshore windfarms. With our software in use across national sectors, we bridge the gap between critical national infrastructures and command-and-control, ensuring seamless interoperability, fast response time, and increased security.

Combining our knowledge across domains and keeping a strong focus on customer requirements, we are continually ahead of the curve and embrace new technology to provide advanced, secure and future-proof solutions.

Selected customers

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Key capabilities

The Maritime Security solution combines the SITE software which is revolutionising the safety and operation of windfarms and wave technology with the world-leading command and control capabilities of the SitaWare Suite – in use by more than 50 countries worldwide.

Capturing and correlating signals from a variety of systems and surveillance devices, Maritime Security provides operators with the intelligence and overview they need to monitor and protect our surface and subsurface infrastructure in the best possible way.

Maritime Security benefits and features include:

  • Drone detection and surveillance through radar and sonar integration
  • Fast escalation of critical national infrastructure to command-and-control
  • Improved response time due to monitoring and notification
  • Comprehensive situational awareness of the maritime environment (above and below the surface) and coastal areas surrounding vital offshore infrastructures
  • Anomaly detection capabilities for decision-support and fast threat assessment and action
  • Advanced analytics for detecting changes and objects on the seabed
  • Centralised management of alarms and alerts for prompt action
  • Layered maps to ensure quick overview of key information for operators
  • Safety compliance and logistics planning
  • Open APIs and software development kit for additional system integration