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5 advantages of AI on the modern battlefield

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5 advantages of AI on the modern battlefield

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for C2 purposes can improve processes and ease the cognitive burden and workload placed on manpower across the battlespace.

Beyond the data processing and analysis functions, the introduction to AI can provide commanders with decision-support tools, systems that can manage tasks and resources, and – using natural language processing – analyse multi-source intelligence reports. In short, it can act as a force multiplier for commanders.

How can AI bring a step change at the tactical level?

Download this ebook to discover AI benefits at the tactical level – even when communications are challenging, and computing power is limited. In the ebook, you can read about 5 advantages of AI on the modern battlefield:

  • #1 The ability to handle vast volumes of complex data
  • #2 Operational planning support
  • #3 Focus on conducting an operation rather than on managing systems
  • #4 Emulation of human abilities
  • #5 Speed of action

Explore the 5 advantages of AI on the modern battlefield – and gain insight into some of the challenging considerations that pave the way to a successful application of AI.

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