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SitaWare Maritime – Take Maritime Operations Planning to the next level

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SitaWare Maritime – Take Maritime Operations Planning to the next level

The maritime domain is a complex, three-dimensional environment with a multitude of challenges. And one major concern lurks just beneath the surface for many navies:

They are worried because their in-service command-and-control (C2) capabilities are based on legacy systems that cannot meet the demands of modern naval warfare.

What are the requirements for a future-proof maritime C2 system?

Download this ebook to explore how a modern maritime C2 system like SitaWare Maritime can provide naval commanders with an operational advantage. Among other things, the ebook elaborates on:

  • Why cutting-edge technologies can provide decisive details for maritime decision-making
  • How seamless interoperability enables unprecedented collaboration with partners across domains
  • How unique operational planning features can assist naval commanders in composing and executing orders

Learn how to take your maritime operations planning to the next level – and how SitaWare Maritime can act as a force multiplier for naval commanders.

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