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Scalability demands and C4ISR in the modern operating environment

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Scalability demands and C4ISR in the modern operating environment

As communications, intelligence, and data become more critical in fulfilling military missions, the requirements for scaling C4ISR capabilities are increasing. Operations can range from discrete small team operations to multidivisional deployments, and cover a range of scenarios that include peacekeeping, drug interdiction, counterinsurgency, and conventional warfighting.

The resulting information requirements mean that scalable solutions to transferring critical data are growing in importance.

In envisaging the concept of scalability within the information technology domain, our mind is most likely to take us to answering the challenge around the number of concurrent users of a system.

What are some of the common scalability challenges for the modern digitalised commander?

  • How can networks scale data delivery, while dealing with other operational loads?
  • How rapidly can networks scale to accommodate complex and hostile operational environments?
  • How easily can partners and allies be integrated into an information-sharing environment?

Download our brochure to find out how Systematic’s technology can help with delivering a digitised command post at pace, across a joint or coalition environment, in challenging conditions, and more.


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