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april 28, 2021

Australian army takes SitaWare training online


The Australian Army has acquired an e-learning solution from Systematic to train operators in the use of its best-in-class command-and-control system, SitaWare Headquarters.

Army’s Land Network Integration Centre selected SitaWare Headquarters for its interim Track Management Capability (TMC) in 2019, and the software is now in service with the Deployable Joint Force Headquarters (DJFHQ). TMC is focused on providing coalition interoperability to Army by consolidating information from Battle Management Systems to produce the Common Tactical Picture and Recognised Ground Picture, among other functions.

“The restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic were preventing staff from the Land Network Integration Centre deploying to train personnel”, notes David Horton, Systematic’s Vice President for the Asia-Pacific Region. “Through the e-learning course, students are able to familiarise themselves with SitaWare Headquarters prior to more in-depth training.”

The e-learning solution was initially procured to deliver just-in-time training ahead of a series of exercises, during which SitaWare was used.

“The course is designed around a realistic scenario and provides training in the functionality of SitaWare Headquarters,” Horton explains, “the training combines passive learning in the form of explanatory videos, with multiple-choice assessments and periods for reflection.”

Students can access the course remotely and work their way through the syllabus at their own pace, instructor support is also provided when necessary. Additionally, students can revisit the course after completion, enabling them to undertake refresher sessions when required.

“We are now in the process of evolving our e-learning offerings to include more functionality and interactivity for students,” Horton adds.

Other SitaWare users are already benefitting from Systematic’s e-learning solutions, including the German Army.

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