Danish Army personnel explore a new training system for SitaWare
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november 15, 2021

Danish Army gets ‘hands-on’ with new SitaWare training system

Officers and soldiers from across the Danish Army visited Systematic’s headquarters to receive a demonstration of a new training platform

Representatives from the Army Command, the Joint Signals Regiment, and the Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization were amongst the first to experience the new digital training platform, which has been developed for Systematic’s SitaWare command-and-control (C2) software.

The innovative approach to training combines proven active learning principles with an embedded digital solution. “Students learn ‘hands-on’ while navigating and using the actual SitaWare software”, explains Gauri Varma Heise, Director of Service Product Management, Systematic Defence, adding, “We see this ‘train as you fight’ approach as delivering the best possible foundation for gaining product and domain expertise.”

Having SitaWare users experience the training solution is a key aspect to its development, Varma Heise notes, “Nothing can compare to feedback and input from experienced SitaWare users. They bring an insight that we can’t get from internal evaluation alone.”

Danish Army personnel received a 'hands-on' demonstration of the training system.

After the demonstration the army representatives provided a candid assessment, with the use of the real system interface noted as being especially beneficial, “The digital training system delivers active learning from the very beginning to the very end. In all the years I’ve been teaching, I’ve been preaching and practising such a hands-on approach, because nothing works as well as active learning,” notes Major B.A.M. Johansson of the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization.

Feedback also noted how the new approach to training also supports the development of a wider appreciation of the systems that are employed in the field, and that the combination of ‘learning and doing’ is valuable, “Watching what to do  first and having your own go afterwards enables the trainees to link theory and explanations with hands-on experience. A mix that strengthens how they understand and use the C4I solution,” highlights Captain M. F. Rasmussen, G35 Future Operations, 1st Brigade.

“We look forward to continuing to develop the training platform and enhancing the benefits that it can bring to users. With many militaries facing fiscal constraints and experiencing high operational tempos, optimising training time is a must,” notes Varma Heise, continuing, “We believe our new platform can go a long way towards introducing efficiencies that shorten training pipelines, lead to cost savings, and provide a genuine hands-on training curriculum. Furthermore, this approach enables training to take place anytime and anywhere, and ensures that skills are always up to date. ”

The new training platform will initially be applied for SitaWare Frontline, Systematic’s mounted C2 system, but it is envisaged that the capability will be developed for SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Edge also, Varma Heise says. 


Julie Trøllund Jensen, Head of Defence MarCom, [email protected] or +45 4196 5204

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