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juli 19, 2021

Five Eyes partners control the battlespace through SitaWare at JWA 21


SitaWare Headquarters delivered a range of capabilities for participants at the US Army’s Joint Warfighting Assessment 2021.

Systematic’s software ensured interoperability and enabled integrated command-and-control (C2) at JWA 21. The exercise featured four of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.  

At the event, the US Army contingent – led by the 4th Infantry Division – used the SitaWare Headquarters-based Command Post Computing Environment.  Also taking part in the exercise were elements of the Australian, British and Canadian Armies.  In addition, the New Zealand Army – also a SitaWare Headquarters user and member of the Five Eyes alliance – observed the exercise remotely.

JWA 21 saw a US-led multi-national division conduct operations in a live, virtual and constructive environment. The event replicated missions across all domains, with a significant focus on enhanced coalition network interoperability and shared situational awareness.

Through SitaWare Headquarters, the participants benefitted from a detailed common operating picture and shared a variety of mission information.

“Modern military operations are typically coalition endeavours,” notes David Horton, Systematic’s Vice President for Asia-Pacific, adding “Through SitaWare, these key allies were able to demonstrate the interoperability and Joint warfighting capabilities that will be essential in a conflict with a peer or near-peer adversary.”

During JWA 21, users of SitaWare Headquarters and CPCE were able to draw, display and manage simulated data from a number of sources, including Link 16, NATO Friendly Force Information, and Air Tasking Orders/Airspace Control Orders.

Credit: US Army

C2 information composed within the systems was shared between participants. SitaWare also shared and received data with various external systems.

“Against a capable adversary the ability to shorten the command cycle will be critical, and the comprehensive situational awareness and advanced C2 tools delivered by SitaWare are a force multiplier for commanders,” Horton explains, “JWA provided an ideal opportunity for forces to stress their C2 capabilities in a realistic scenario.”

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Army employed an eLearning package from Systematic to prepare personnel using SitaWare, “eLearning enabled Army to overcome the constraints imposed on training by the [COVID 19] pandemic,”. Horton added, “This foundation allowed us to help train around 140 soldiers from the 7th Combat Brigade, face-to-face, in just one week ahead of JWA.”

SitaWare Headquarters has been in service with Australia as the interim Track Management Capability since 2019. Most recently, SitaWare’s scope was expanded to provide the Army’s interim Battle Management System for the next three years.

Click here for a US Army article on JWA 21.

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