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mars 8, 2021

Latvian National Armed Forces stand up C2 capability


Working with Systematic and its local partner-enterprise in Latvia, the Latvian Armed Forces have established a digital C2 capability based on the SitaWare software suite.

SitaWare is the core software for the National Armed Forces Joint Combined Battle Management C4I system. (Latvian Land Forces)

The Latvian National Armed Forces (LNAF) have successfully completed the first stage in the roll-out of the SitaWare command-and-control (C2) software suite, with its fielding in Latvian Land Forces units under way.

SitaWare will act as the core software for the National Armed Forces Joint Combined Battle Management C4I system, with an emphasis on operational planning, ensuring comprehensive situational awareness, and organising and executing exercises, among other tasks.

The introduction into service of SitaWare marks the first time Latvian forces have employed a force-wide digital C2 system, notes Merja Annala, President of Systematic Oy Finland,“It is remarkable that the LNAF have been able to introduce an advanced C2 capability in under 10 months. They have transitioned from working with analog processes to operating a digital system.” 

The programme is being delivered using an agile methodology and led by the LNAF, Marko Vӓlimӓki, Systematic Project Manager, explains, “We worked with the customer to identify and prioritise programme objectives and then established a structured approach to implementing the capability. This sees Systematic largely working in an advisory and supporting role to the LNAF,” adding, “Even in instances where Systematic led the activities – such as configuration and installations – the customer was closely involved.”

This approach to working with the customer includes significant knowledge transfer from Systematic to the LNAF and its local partners, Vӓlimӓki notes, this has included Systematic-run workshops and on-site support.

Delivery of the programme has not been without its challenges, Vӓlimӓki explains, “The travel and other restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic presented a potential stumbling block for the programme, but we were able to adapt to the situation and deliver certain elements remotely – notably the training – it is testament to the working relationship and flexibility of all involved that the schedule was maintained.”

Elements of the Latvian Land Component and the Joint Headquarters have been the first to receive SitaWare, and a staff-level exercise has been conducted using the software.

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