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april 12, 2021

SitaWare demonstrates C2 capabilities to Canadian Joint Operations Command


The software was put through its paces in four complex scenarios and across multiple domains.

Over the course of a five-day exercise, Systematic’s SitaWare Headquarters software has shown its ability to deliver comprehensive command-and-control capabilities at the Joint level.

The exercise was structured as a distributed event with representatives from all branches of the Canadian Armed Forces joining remotely, explains Steve Pope, Systematic’s Director for Canada, “More than 30 personnel located across Canada and drawn from the army, air force, and navy took part in the exercise,” adding that Systematic staff were online throughout the exercise supporting from Canada, Denmark, and the US.

The exercise was hosted in a Microsoft Azure cloud and saw a Joint warfare staff undertake varied and increasingly complex missions that were representative of extant and potential scenarios, including naval deployments, and a NATO construct with the staff working in a coalition environment and conducting a reassurance mission.

“Systematic staff worked with representatives from all branches of the armed forces to develop and implement realistic scenarios that stressed both the software and the command staff,” Pope says, noting that the exercise was very much led by the Canadian Armed Forces, “Participants and exercise staff undertook an e-learning course ahead of the exercise and received limited instructor-led training. It really is testament to the highly professional CAF Team, combined with the training and SitaWare Headquarters’ ease of use, that they were able to run the exercise independently for the most part.”

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