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februari 11, 2021

SitaWare Headquarters 6.12 improves airspace management, brings enhanced correlation and fusion


Among the improvements in Systematic’s best-in-class C2 system are 3-D airspace visualisation and further track correlation and fusion functionality.

SitaWare Headquarters 6.12 features 3-D airspace visualisation
0SitaWare HQ

Systematic is continuing its commitment to delivering world-leading command-and-control (C2) systems with the introduction of a number of new features and a wide range of evolutionary improvements in the latest version of SitaWare Headquarters.

SitaWare Headquarters 6.12 brings a step-change in situational awareness (SA) for commanders, with 3-D visualisation of the airspace within an area of operations. The software is able to draw on data from airspace control orders (ACO) – among other sources – to visualise multiple aspects of the ‘air picture’, including air corridors, restricted operating zones, air defence areas, and special use airspace, it is also able to display aircraft tacks.

“The 3-D functionality delivers higher fidelity situational awareness,” explains Morten Bødker, Business Product Manager for SitaWare Headquarters, “Army and navy commanders can quickly gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of airspace control information, which has previously been the preserve of their air force counterparts. This is an important enabler for Joint-level operations.”

The latest version of Headquarters sees an evolution in the software’s track correlation and fusion capabilities, among the enhancements are the capacity to handle up to 20,000 track updates per minute, the ability correlate tracks that only have kinematic attributes – such as from a radar – and the simultaneous correlation of ground, surface, and air tracks, among a number of other new functions.

“The new track correlation and fusion features reduce manpower requirements and the time taken to generate a comprehensive operational picture, incorporating land, sea and air elements.”

Further enhancements in SitaWare Headquarters 6.12 include better support for operating over high-latency networks – such as SATCOM – an improved sync matrix, and the ability to display legends and feature information in geo overlays.

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