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augusti 26, 2021

SitaWare paints the Joint picture at Talisman Sabre 2021


The software delivered enhanced situational awareness and C2 capabilities to commanders at the multinational exercise

Systematic’s SitaWare Headquarters software was widely employed at the recent Talisman Sabre 21 exercise in Australia, with the software providing cross-domain awareness of the ‘battlespace’ and filling a range of command-and-control (C2) functions.

Talisman Sabre is the largest bilateral exercise between the Australian Defence Force and the US military, with training across the land, air, and sea domains. Along with regular participants from the UK, Canadian, and New Zealand armed forces, this year’s event saw elements from Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Taiwan taking part.

During the exercise, SitaWare Headquarters provided commanders at the Deployed Joint Force Headquarters with a rich Joint Common Operating Picture. Although primarily an Army asset, the software incorporated air and maritime pictures, and was used by both Naval and Air Force staff offices in both headquarters.

In addition, SitaWare was trialled at the Headquarters Joint Operations Centre to fuse multiple COP source feeds into a single view of the strategic domain.

“SitaWare gave commanders a detailed understanding of the battlespace and demonstrated its ability to operate across domains,” explains Alastair George, Senior Business Architect at Systematic, “The software’s architecture enables it to ingest multiple data sources and feeds from across a coalition. SitaWare doesn’t limit users to information from within their own force structure alone. Its ability to interoperate with other C2 and track management systems, and act as an enabler for Joint operations is a real force multiplier.” 


Credit: Department of Defence

At Talisman Sabre, SitaWare Headquarters provided chat capabilities horizontally and vertically and was used extensively as a planning and briefing tool. “Users found the ability to quickly create ‘bookmarks’ meant they no longer had to manually create static presentations, they could brief directly from the live situation in SitaWare,” says George.

Furthermore, the software integrated effectively with role-specific C2 systems, “SitaWare connected with a number of systems, including the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System. In that instance the software could bring in data such as Fire Support Coordination Measure information,” notes George.

SitaWare Headquarters has been in service with Australia as the interim Track Management Capability since 2019. Most recently, SitaWare’s scope was expanded to provide the Army’s interim Battle Management System.


Julie Trøllund Jensen, Head of Defence MarCom, [email protected] or +45 4196 5204


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