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oktober 7, 2019

Systematic features in the defence press


The NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps' acquisition of SitaWare Headquarters and the new features under development for SitaWare Edge are amongst the media coverage.

Jane’s International Defence Review reported on the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps' (ARRC) decision to field SitaWare Headquarters. ARRC is one of NATO's high readiness corps-level HQs that can act as a land component HQ or as a theatre-level joint task force HQ.

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In its preview of the DSEI 2019 exhibition, which was held in London in early September, ADS Advance outlined Systematic's product offerings and our actvities at the event.

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A number of outlets covered the development of new features for the SitaWare Edge dismounted command-and-control system, including Shephard Media's Digital Battlespace and the DSEI Show Daily magazine. New capabilities will include 3-D mapping.   

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