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augusti 27, 2019

Systematic to showcase latest developments in SitaWare Maritime at MAST Northern Coasts 2019


A number of maritime command-and-control tools will be demonstrated in realistic scenarios at the exhibition in Copenhagen.

Systematic has built on the utility of its operationally proven SitaWare suite to develop a range of maritime-specific tools, which greatly enhance naval commanders’ situational awareness and planning capabilities.

Drawing on its expertise in delivering best-in-class command-and-control (C2) systems across all echelons of the battlespace, Systematic’s maritime-focused tools provide a comprehensive Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP) and a range of functionalities that greatly enhance C2 for naval operations.

These will be demonstrated at MAST Northern Coasts 2019 (4-6 September) in realistic scenarios based on potential operations in the Baltic Sea.

Among the new features that will be shown are the ability to form and display Screen Kilo anti-submarine warfare screens and anti-air warfare 4 Whiskey grids. A tool for planning Position and Intended Movement (PIM) will also be demonstrated, as will the integration of vessel database software.

The Screen Kilo, 4W grid, and PIM capabilities are set to be available as add-on modules in the next release of SitaWare Headquarters.

SitaWare’s utility for the Task Group Commander will also be demonstrated.

For further information on Systematic’s activities at the conference please contact Rune Raunow, Vice President Business Development: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at the Danish Pavilion during MAST Northern Coasts 2019.

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