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Strong partnerships

Strong partnerships are critical to our success. They enable us to provide world-class solutions to our customers. Systematic software helps our development partners deliver customer solutions that can be relied upon wherever they are deployed. Our regional sales partner network ensures that we can support our customers with cutting-edge solutions no matter where in the world they may be.

A network of excellence

  • Systematic Partner Programmme
  • Systematic Sales Partner Network

Systematic Partner Programmme


The Systematic Partner Programme is a unique offering in the C4ISR domain. We offer access to an exclusive community that strives to create the best software solutions for defence forces worldwide.

As a member of the Systematic Partner Programme, you can build your own applications and modules on top of our C4I products, using Software Development Kits. Once you have created a module, you can access more than 30 countries as potential customers and become part of our ecosystem.

Through the Systematic Partner Programme, you have the opportunity to accelerate your product lifecycle via a mature C4I framework with comprehensive functionality. We offer you access to professional services to support and improve your development throughout the process, from initial idea evaluation, to assistance with deployment, and ongoing support and updates.

Systematic Sales Partner Network

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If it provides value to our customers, we work with local sales partners. Due to their domain and local market knowledge, they are invaluable in our pursuit to provide our customers with the best solutions and services at all times.

Our sales partners are the first point of contact for our customers in their local market. If you would like to contact your local sales partner, please click here

If you do not find a local sales partner in your area, please contact us at [email protected]. You will be contacted directly by your local Systematic Defence sales representative.


Interested in joining the Systematic Partner Programme?

We always welcome new partners in our network of excellence. If you see a fit between your organisation and Systematic Defence and require more information about becoming a development partner, please contact:

Sven Trusch
Vice President Business Development
Mobile: +49 1713 559 507
Send an email


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