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At Systematic, we continuously engage our customers when handling request for changes related to new functionality, system integration and reporting. Efforts range from multi-thousand hours effort scoped during contracting to less than a hundred hours efforts scoped as change requests. Systematic has a track record of delivering according to the agreed schedule, irrespective of where the efforts are placed in the range.


  • People Registration and Induction
  • Work Authorisation and Custody
  • Manifesting (Transfer planning)
  • Live tracking
  • Reporting

People Registration and Induction

SITE is a powerful tool for management of all personal data for the people that perform work offshore.

SITE: Personnel data management

Personnel data management

The induction module ensures they have the required valid certificates and inductions and that they are registered correctly. SITE provides configuration of induction programs from the catalogue of induction modules, each module consisting of induction materials and questionnaires. Induction materials formats such as video, MS PowerPoint presentations and PDF files are supported and personnel can access them on the go, on their mobile devices.

Work Authorisation and Custody

Requesting and grating work authorisations and custody of assets becomes much easier with SITE.

SITE: Optimised workflows

Optimised workflows

When Installation Managers request Site Managers for authorization to perform specified work at locations within the timeframe and according to attached Risk Assessments, automated workflows support the process from beginning to end. When Site Managers have approved the initial request, custody of requested turbines are automatically assigned. Custody is then displayed directly on the map for the wind farm and issued work authorisation documents are easily accessed by clicking an asset, e.g. a turbine.

Whenever a Transfer of Control according to Wind Turbine Safety Rules takes place, you want this to be reflected on the map in front of the operations controller. The software development kit of SITE enables the creation of map layers dedicated to displaying this information. It is even possible to take the integration further. Why not record the Transfer of Control with the same software as is used to track the location of the technicians working offshore? Contact us to discuss how to accomplish this.

Manifesting (Transfer planning)

To support the iterative puzzle of planning transfers of personnel and cargo to assets at offshore wind farms while assuring safety of personnel, SITE is a flexible tool that enables easy production of the initial joint transport plan.

SITE: Optimised transfer process

Optimised transfer process

Automatic warnings help ensure that personnel access to assets is validated in terms of qualification requirements and that compliance is continuously upheld. The tool provides an automatic release process including validation of the transport plan, generation of the digitalised manifest named the Transfer List, and automatic generations of e-mail with an attached transfer sheet and SMS notification for involved personnel.

Live tracking

To manage and control the daily activities in offshore wind farms, the operators need access to real-time situation awareness to monitor and change plans when the need arises. And if emergencies occur, execute evacuations. With the SITE Situation module, operators have a complete overview of the current situation. 

SITE supports handling several wind farms simultaneously by providing access to a situation overview of all wind farms for all users with access.

SITE Map overlay

Full situational overview

The Situation Overview continuously provides an overview of the current location of people, vessels, aircrafts, and assets in real-time. This enables the operators to monitor all movements of vessels, air traffic, and people in the wind farms. Further, the coordinator can zoom in or out on the asset to get more detailed information or to understand the context of the turbine. The situational overview consolidates data from a wide range of sensors and sources and presents them directly in SITE Situation.


The reporting capabilities in SITE provide data on executed operations and make for a powerful tool in continuous improvement of operations.

SITE: Data management

Data management

SITE supports extracting all data in various formats to create reports for different needs. The standard reports in the solution are: Personnel location Report, Vessel Tracking Report, Certificate Expiry Report, and Emergency evacuation Report. In addition, SITE supports extractions of statistics, such as how many transfers were carried out in a specified period etc.

The generation of Daily Progress Reports (DPR) with valuable information about vessel performance shouldn't be compiled manually. The database of SITE holds the information needed to automate the generation of DPR with digitally captured data. Contact Systematic to learn more about how to achieve DPR, where you can trust the data, and consolidate the daily reports into monthly performance reviews.

SITE can even help you to take DPR further. With fuel consumption data in combination with vessel tracking and weather data, our data science team can assist in estimating the carbon emissions resulting from vessel operations.

When accounting for the Lost Time Injury Factor (LTIF) and Total Recordable Injury (TRIR) according to the G+ guidelines, you want the number of hours spent offshore by technicians to be correct. The people tracking capabilities of SITE provides this data down to the minute.

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