SITE modules


The SITE application modules can be used together or separately to fit the needs of your organisation.

Application Modules

  • SITE Situation
  • SITE Planning
  • SITE Work Authorisation
  • SITE Induction
  • SITE Mobile
  • SITE Track

SITE is a modular software suite with a range of intuitive and powerful applications, that support offshore operations.

With world-class intuitive user interfaces, they support the workflows for control room personnel, as well as in-the-field workers.

SITE Situation

man on a boat

Full situational overview

This module provides monitoring, coordination, controlling and tracking of people, means of transport and assets for the coordinator in an office environment. It also provides an easy way to oversee several wind farms. SITE Situation is a layered GIS solution with a robust communication strategy. It alerts if a vessel is approaching a guard zone of an asset.

Your marine survey data need not be stored in systems not easily accessible for marine and operations coordinators in need of these to plan the work offshore. You can bring these into SITE, display them as backgrounds on the map and make them available to the user with just a few mouse clicks.

SITE Planning

SITE Planning is the administrative tool to manage wind farms, people and means of transport for coordinators in an office environment.

man looking at wind mills

Optimised Planning Process

The application provides the foundation for tracking people and means of transport in wind farms. Furthermore, it offers planning of transfers of personnel and monitoring and follow-up of transfers during operations. It ensures that personnel are properly inducted into the health and safety regulations of the wind farms and holds valid certificates for their job role.

It is increasingly becoming the norm that vessels operating at offshore wind farms have a reliable internet connection. The operations controller can be located on-board the Special Operations Vessel (SOV) or jack-up vessel, and have access to the full functionality of the SITE Software from a browser.

SITE Work Authorisation

SITE Work Authorisation provides information of whether the work authorisation procedure is followed for work activities to be done at specific locations.

Man crawling on a yellow ladder

Authorisation Workflows

The module enables installation managers/package owners to register their work authorisation requests including the references to Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS). Further, it supports the Offshore Site Manager in issuing work authorisation documents upon reviewing the work authorisation request. During execution, only issued work authorisation documents for a location, e.g. a turbine, are accessible directly from the map.

SITE Induction

wind mill

Self-Service Wizard

SITE Induction provides an effective and easy-to-use self-service wizard for workforce users to register their profile information and required qualification in order to secure their safety when working on wind farms. It unburdens the coordinator by providing effective and efficient administration of invitations and evaluation of the applications as well as easy-to-use configuration of job requirements. Hence, providing safety in a cost-efficient way.

SITE Mobile

man looking at wind mills

In-The-Field Workflows

SITE Mobile provides the worker with an at hand access request workflow and tracking capability, thus eliminating the need for direct interaction with the coordinator at the Coordination Centre.

SITE Track

wind mill

People Location Registration

SITE Track is a software application for people location registration. It is installed on Windows based ruggized tablet computers with a built-in RFID reader. It is made for installation at vessels, which provide internet connectivity through a Wi-Fi connection on-board the vessel. The installation is simplified such that it can be performed by the vessel crew.

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