Battle Management for the Mounted Commander

On the modern battlefield, the ability to outmanoeuvre and get inside an adversary's decision-making cycle is critical to mission success. The provision of accurate, clear, and current information enables commanders to shorten the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop and be assured that the mission critical decisions they make are correct.  

SitaWare Frontline provides commanders with comprehensive situational awareness and force tracking, along with advanced planning and geo-analysis tools, effective chat and messaging, and a host of features that ensure that the system is easy-to-use and delivers an operational advantage.    

The software operates seamlessly with other members of the SitaWare suite, ensuring that commaders at all echelons have the latest battlefield information. Furthermore, due to its standards-based design, SitaWare Frontline is even able to share key mission data with other C2 systems. 



Tactical Situational Awareness

SitaWare Frontline is a breakthrough in battle management software that offers clarity, simplicity and high performance capabilities that address real-world C2 challenges on the battlefield. It has been designed by and for frontline commanders operating in austere environments. A clear operational view with rapid updates of friendly force tracking (FFT) is absolutely essential for commanders. SitaWare Frontline has been built with deployment and in-theatre management in mind.

For further information, please download the SitaWare Frontline data sheet here.


I know where all of my units are, where all of my vehicles are, all of the time. And I know where the enemy is when they are reported, because I can see it on my screen in almost real time


SitaWare Frontline: An effective tool for the warfighter

SitaWare Frontline meets demanding operational requirments off-the-shelf. Product highlights include:

  • Friendly Force Tracking
  • Situational awareness and tactical reporting
  • Open architecture for easy sensor integration
  • Easy and user-friendly deployment and maintenance
  • Flexible change of vehicle without any configuration
  • Speeds up and supports the military decision-making process
  • Tactical communication over existing radio and communication networks

Learn more about SitaWare Frontline product highlights here



 SitaWare Frontline Key Features



Responsive Design

  • Frontline 3.0 introduces responsive design to ensure optimal interaction and user experience on both Android mobile and tablets.
  • Menus and tools adjust according to portrait or landscape – and screen resolution.



3D Map Display

  • Maps provisioned from SitaWare Headquarters
  • Option to view the map in 3D mode.
  • SIT symbols and FFTs are displayed above the ground to maintain situational awareness while in 3D mode.
  • Tactical Graphics and sketch symbols are draped on the terrain for viewing a plan layer in 3D mode.
  • Improves appreciation and understanding of the terrain.
  • Geo Tools are displayed in 3D mode e.g., enemy area of sight can be viewed in 3D mode.

4 Maps Plans 3D 2 Right



FL Symbol Alignment Left

Full Symbol Alignment

  • Uses same map engine as SitaWare Headquarters
  • Frontline 3.0 provides full symbol support throughout the SitaWare suite.
  • Frontline 3.0 utilises the same map engine as SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Edge = Full symbology as well as unified symbol interaction.



Enhanced User Interaction

  • Same user interface for both SitaWare Edge and SitaWare Frontline to make the shift between products intuitive and reduce the need for training.
  • User interface is based on principles from civilian apps to ensure familiar interaction.

5 6 Create Plan Overlay Right



6 1 Chat Left

Integrated Chat

  • Improved chat interaction flow.
  • Either full screen or as a side panel on the map.
  • Allows the end user to maintain full situational awareness while monitoring received messages.
  • User interface and interaction aligned with SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Edge.



Light or Dark Mode

  • Frontline 3.0 supports dark and light mode.
  • Easy user interaction for changing between light or dark mode to adapt to the tactical environment.
  • Setting the application for Dark Theme also automatically dims the map.

FL Symbol Alignment Right



Webbanner W Cta


Two part design

SitaWare Frontline has a unique two part design: a user application containing the battle control system, and a vehicle application which interfaces with existing communications equipment, onboard management systems and sensors. This enables users to plan and execute missions in both static and mobile environments, easily implement change of location of command and, if necessary, destroy mission data in an emergency; while the separate vehicle application both simplifies both the installation and upgrading of the vehicle software.


For further information, please download the SitaWare Frontline data sheet here.