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Columna Flow Clinical Tasking

Reduce the pressure in Emergency Departments with optimised hospital flows

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One platform to communicate and connect

Columna Flow Clinical Tasking is a mobile communication platform that improves patient safety and reduces errors by streamlining communication in hospital departments.

The platform provides clinicians with a clear overview of patients, their conditions, and colleagues' current workload. Tasks and area of responsibilities are reflected in real-time and are always tied to a patient.


Key benefits

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Improve your overview and patient focus

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Reduce the number of interruptions

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Minimise stress amongst clinical staff

Improve your overview and patient focus

Columna Flow Clinical Tasking offers a mobile overview of the patient flow in hospital departments.

Every patient is assigned a treatment team and every task is connected directly to a patient in the platform. Clinicians can easily access further patient-related information through integration with the electronic patient record and get direct notifications when new examination results are ready.

With a mobile overview, clinicians feel better equipped to make the right decisions faster. This decreases the overall diagnosing time and improves patient safety.

Facilitating dynamic workflows

Columna Flow Clinical Tasking

Reduce the number of interruptions

Columna Flow Clinical Tasking offers a secure video and messaging platform, making it easy for clinicians to communicate about a patient. Using a check-in functionality gives clinicians a live overview of all colleagues on call as well as information about their current availability.

Clinicians can quickly identify the right colleague to confer about a diagnosis or treatment plan. The result is fewer unnecessary interruptions and more efficient collaboration.

Minimise stress amongst clinical staff

Columna Flow Clinical Tasking supports inter-departmental communication, making the solution a vital element in coordinating and treating patients within hospital departments.

The platform replaces all other pagers and phones. By having one mobile platform to collaborate you streamline communication, decrease stress levels amongst clinicians, and ease patient-forward care.

Get physicians closer to patients

Columna Flow Clinical Tasking enables clinicians to get new examination results directly on their phones and access patient data on the go. This moves the handling of tasks from the office to the scrub pocket, resulting in more time for direct, patient care.

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