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March 26, 2021

Systematic collaborates with Syddjurs Municipality on the project “Worthy home care”


Citizens who receive home care in Syddjurs Municipality can look forward to increased care continuity and more self-determination.

These are the objectives for the new extensive project in Syddjurs Municipality that will optimise the way home care is run. In the future, citizens will be met by the same home care workers, who are familiar with the citizen, their needs, wishes and resources. This new approach to home care is inspired by the Dutch home care organisation, Buurtzorg, that continues to gain ground in the Netherlands with an increased citizen and staff satisfactions as result.

The staff will be organised in smaller self-managed teams that are closer to the citizen. A work process that will be supported by a new IT solution, developed in collaboration between Syddjurs Municipality and Systematic.

The new solution is an intuitive coordination tool for home care workers on the go, who needs coordinate and reorganize their planned tasks throughout the day. The tool makes it easier for home care workers to meet the citizens’ changing needs and maintain the quality and continuity of care in their ever-changing workday.

Besides the improved experience for the citizens, organising in self-managing teams with a great self-determination and a focused IT support is expected to positively impact the well-being of the home care worker, too.

Read more about the project here.