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    The nominees for the Joy of Reading award 2019

    The nominees for the Joy of Reading award 2019 are:

    • African Storybook, South Africa
    • Australian Reading Hour, Australia
    • EDU'KENYA, Kenya
    • Nal'ibali Reading for Enjoyment Campaign, South Africa
    • OSU Children's Library Fund, Ghana
    • The Travelling Reading Sofa, Germany

    African Storybook, South Africa

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    Books must be available for everyone

    The African Storybook addresses the widespread challenge of low literacy in schools in socio-economically disadvantaged communities. The project works with local educators to develop, publish and make storybooks and support material available for children. With thousands of openly licensed picture storybooks in languages of Africa, the African Storybook website strives to improve children’s literacy, enjoyment and imagination.

    Australian Reading Hour, Australia

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    Reading Hour in Australia

    Australian Reading Hour aims to help people discover and rediscover the joy of reading and to understand that literacy is an essential life skill and catalyst for well-being. By organizing book tours and reading events with authors in Australia’s remote countryside, the project brings together, not only parents and their children, but also authors, publishers, booksellers, librarians and others to promote the joy and benefits of reading for all ages.

    EDU'KENYA, Kenya

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    Mobile library is working on improving reading culture

    EDU’KENYA’s mobile library is working on improving reading culture by creating access to reading books in schools. Story books, novels and fairytales are donated from European countries, such as France and England, and are, once a month, delivered to schools in Kenya. By giving the children an opportunity to choose, which book to read, it will encourage them to enjoy reading in their everyday lives.

    Nal'ibali Reading for Enjoyment Campaign, South Africa

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    Books shall be a natural parts of everyday life

    Nal’ibali Reading for Enjoyment Campaign strengthens young people’s literacy by focusing on the reading culture in homes and in communities. Adults have a large impact on young people and can help to make reading and storytelling an important part of their daily lives. Thereby, parents can help to improve children’s reading and writing skills. The Nal’ibali team works to inspire mass participation in national awareness raising activities and also in small-scale interpersonal engagements like reading clubs.

    OSU Children's Library Fund, Ghana

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    Child-friendly books for the local community

    The OSU Children’s Library Fund gives people in Ghana easy access to books in their everyday life. Since the project first started in 1990 with weekly reading sessions for six children with only a few books available, the project has built and furnished eight libraries. Furthermore, the project also promotes various programs, where joy of reading and culture can be experienced, such as theatres, art, computer and literacy classes, author visits and community workshops. The project creates safe and fun settings under the guidance of a caring librarian, to inspire children to enjoy reading.

    The Travelling Reading Sofa, Germany

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    Public readings

    A bilingual reading sofa, a grandma lamp and a box of books are travelling the county and engaging citizens to come together and enjoy the reading of fairy tales. The Travelling Reading Sofa reaches immigrated and inborn citizens of Bremen, by translating international favourite fairy tales into the audience’s mother tongue and also creating the right setting for reading and discussing such fairy tales.