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September 12, 2023

Systematic Joins Green Aarhus Initiative

Systematic has just signed the Commitment Paper on green mobility by Klimaalliancen Aarhus, committing companies to reduce their transportation footprint. In Aarhus Municipality, half of the CO2 emissions are attributed to transportation, making this initiative a significant step towards a carbon-neutral municipality.

For several years, Systematic has consciously been addressing its CO2 emissions from transportation, and by joining the local initiative, Klimaalliancen Aarhus' Commitment Paper, they are now accelerating their efforts.

"As a company, we have a shared responsibility to propel the green transition, and with our headquarters in Aarhus, it is only fitting that we contribute to Aarhus' climate goals and commit to concrete actions," says Systematic's CEO, Michael Holm.

Klimaalliancen Aarhus' Commitment Paper presents various measures aimed at achieving Aarhus Municipality's 2030 goal of becoming carbon neutral. Currently, CO2 emissions from transportation and mobility constitute half of the total emissions in Aarhus Municipality, making the transport sector the municipality's most significant challenge on the path towards carbon neutrality.

"Companies play a vital role in reducing CO2 emissions from transportation, making this collaboration highly important. Ultimately, a collective effort across the community is crucial to achieving our carbon neutrality goals," assesses Aarhus' Mayor, Jacob Bundsgaard.

Committed to Concrete Action

As part of the alliance's Commitment Paper, Systematic must transition its company cars to emission-free vehicles and develop initiatives to make employees' commutes more environmentally friendly.

Systematic is well on its way in this regard. All the company's pool cars but one have been switched to electric or hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, Systematic has implemented various green transportation policies, such as prioritizing electric cars for company car purchases, setting limits on company car CO2 emissions, and providing bicycles for employees during working hours.

This is just the first step in their journey. In the future, Systematic will include its carbon footprint in its annual ESG reporting, which evaluates the company's sustainability efforts.

"Based on this data, we will set goals and take new initiatives to further reduce our carbon footprint. Therefore, signing the Commitment Paper makes a lot of sense for us," says Michael Holm.

Systematic is actively engaged in Klimaalliancen Aarhus at a strategic level and plans to contribute further from now on.


Fact Box:

  • Since 2008, Aarhus Municipality has aimed at becoming carbon-neutral by 2030 and has since reduced its emissions by half.
  • Aarhus Municipality seeks to reduce emissions through entering into climate partnerships with businesses and companies, such as Klimaalliancen Aarhus.
  • Companies that sign the Commitment Paper on green mobility commit to reporting their results annually.

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