Our unique model for software development is based on CMMI5, Scrum, and Lean. We combine process discipline with adaptability, thereby optimising our time and results.


At Systematic, we strive at continuously improving in everything we do thus increasing the value of everything we do. Our approach to software development combines the robust principles of CMMI with the best aspects of Lean and Scrum. In that way, we constantly optimise our time and results.Increased Customar Value 464Px

We combine CMMI with principles from agile software development, which is known for having less structure and more flexibility. Both approaches call for widely differing process methods and perspectives, but combining them produces a synergy effect, which no single method can deliver by itself. CMMI creates process discipline and organisational structure, while the agile input strengthens adaptability and flexibility.

This unique approach enables us to create reliable and high quality solutions for our customers, and to deliver on time and at the agreed price. 

  • CMMI gives our customers quality solutions as specified, delivered on time and at the agreed price
  • Lean is our driver for simplicity and for focusing on value-adding activities thus enabling us to develop cost-effective solutions
  • Scrum is our agile way of working and a driver for developing quality solutions that fit real needs