Agile development based on Scrum delivers flexible and efficient development processes and solutions that fit real needs.


Scrum is a term taken from the world of rugby. The principles of Scrum give not only rugby teams but also software development teams the chance to huddle around and plan for frequent deliveries. Scrum ensures contiuous feedback and a mutual learning process with the customer along the way.  



Agile development based on Scrum benefits our customers in several ways:

  • We develop solutions that actually fit our customers’ needs rather than just fulfill original requirements
  • Flexible and efficient development processes reduce lead times and secure frequent deliveries
  • Changes in a project are identified and handled in a well-organised manner due to our close and transparent working relationships with our customers.

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We have adopted Scrum in our everyday work to reduce the risk of delivering to our customers only what they ordered. Rather, Scrum empowers us to deliver a solution that actually fits our customers’ needs to the benefit of their users and their business.

In this way our customers have the chance to adjust requirements in relation to the original specifications, resulting in more precise functionality. At the same time, lead times are reduced, for example due to reductions in errors in the final test runs.



In Scrum, we simultaneously work in teams responsible for design, coding, testing, requirements and analysis. Scrum allows us to develop software in cycles thus providing visibility into early mistake detection and delivery on a frequent basis.

An early discovery of possible mistakes helps to reduce the risk of mistakes later in the project. Fact-based information empowers project stakeholders to choose between many different options for how to proceed and secure a successful ending of a project.


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